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    What do you think of my T.O.S?

    I had a free webhost previously and we followed the basic structure: a) A long, legally binding, no nonsense, clear terms of service (I did it myself but it's legally correct) followed by a simplified and short version. It worked very, very well. We were able to put the end of the official...
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    Who can we report abuse to a hosting company

    Yeah - but to be honest, I think that copyright as of today is completely pointless. We really need to fix the laws regarding copyright. Have you heard of ACTA? Take a read - it's absolutely absurd what the world is doing to prevent warez. I support warez and the people distributing warez and in...
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    Master Reseller Account Needed! -PAYPAL-

    I'm sure that both Crissic and DigitalWorldHost don't oversell.
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    Requesting Master Reseller Hosting

    Ricardo, that is practically impossible unless the host oversells. Any host that offers that is a host I highly recommend staying away from.
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    Crissic Solutions [split from advertising thread]

    To be honest, he's already lost all of his authenticity. Both Adz and Skylar are respected members of FWS with a respectable company. They are very helpful in support and offer good hosting plans. You seem intent on breaking forum rules and insulting others. How old are you? From the way you...
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    Reseller Hosting Requested

    The network at BurstNET is very weak and their hardware prices are much too good to be true. You may have very good support and uptime but Burst's quality directly affects anyone hosted there and I can't buy there. I'm quite sorry but I have to pass on your offer due to being hosted with...
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    CSS Showcase website

    I like it but I'd center the logo more and make it a bit bigger.
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    New design

    I like the first version more. Just wondering though, what is the site's use?
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    Reviews Needed

    It doesn't appeal to the eyes and I lost attention quickly. Maybe you could change the colors or the background?
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    Question about VPS & Operating System

    I use Windows Server 2003 with RealVNC Enterprise Edition - works wonders and allows me to install my own software easily. For instance, I prefer Abyss Web Server to Apache (I only use Apache in official business due to its monopoly) and I can easily install Abyss with RealVNC. I also use it to...
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    Reseller Hosting Requested

    Peter, I'm sorry but I'll have to pass. I'm in the USA and I'd prefer US datacenters and US billing. Also, anyone who wants to offer, please add in your datacenter so I know.
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    Clan Sponsorship

    May I have more information on your "clan"? What games do you play? PC or console? How many active (not in total but active) members are there? Are you in CAL or any competitive leagues? What would you do for the host that sponsors you? We aren't looking for views - we are looking for customers...
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    Reseller Hosting Requested

    I'm ordering on the 23rd, but I just learned that DWH is hosted at BurstNET, which changed my mind about hosting there (I've heard horrible things about BurstNET). I'm now looking at Crissic Solutions but I'm just wondering whether you include a free domain reseller (that'd be really nice). My...
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    Cheap high bandwidth VPS

    Hi Coduk! SteadCom - the leader in Virtual Server Hosting Solutions can offer you the following. Use the coupon code "juneatsteadcom": Sadly, SteadCom VPS's datacenter is located in Los Angeles, California so we are in the U.S., but if you can't find any quality VPS hosts outside of the...
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    Reseller Hosting Requested

    Crasher, I'm sorry but I must pass on your offer...your company just does not look credible. I still plan to order with DigitalWorldHost but again I'm still accepting offers.
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    Outgrowing shared plans and looking for VPS

    SteadCom is offering double bandwidth in their specials. Cheaper than normal and double bandwidth. It's a really good package: http://steadcom.com/specialpkgs The Business package ($55) is the 512MB package.
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    Understanding Free Web Host Philosophy

    Loved the references to "The Charge of the Light Brigade" - my favorite from Tennyson. Also the Google ending :classic2:. This is very true - I tried running a free web hosting service myself. The lure of being 'teh hostlurdzs' was very intriguing, but it was filled with abusive members. I...
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    Reseller Hosting Requested

    I've spoken to DigitalWorldHost and decided to go with them. I'm still taking offers, though - I'm not ordering until around the 21st - I'm working on promotional materials.
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    As a victim of overselling (kicked off a host for using "too many resources") and having many friends who were also victims, I dislike it with a burning passion. Whenever I order a hosting plan, I ask the Sales representative how much I actually will be allowed to use before I get kicked off for...
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    Reseller Hosting Requested

    Looking at all these packages, the DigitalWorldHost seems to be the cheapest but I'm a bit wary because it's just restarting. I'm also considering LayerSolution and DeiseHost. On the RS3 according to LayerSolution's website it only has 500GB transfer but according to your post it has 600GB...