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    Is there a free host that I could use?

    Thank you all, I'll look through all your offers :)
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    Is there a free host that I could use?

    500mb of space to start (would love room to grow) supports Wordpress supports Coppermine photo gallery I'm not sure about bandwidth Able to use domain if I buy one in the near future Im not picky about ads No post to host. Any suggestions?
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    Gmail invite

    Thanks :) Sorry I posted this in the wrong forum, you all don't have to gang up on me about it :wink2:
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    Gmail invite

    Hmm, I have been dying to try gmail. Could anyone spare an extra invite? Someone else told me they sent me one, but I never received it. If anyone can, my email is christymarie001@yahoo.com If not, that's ok. Just thought I'd ask
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    myacen.com seems to good to be true....

    Myacen is awesome! I haven't used them very long, but they are incredibly fast, and their customer support is great! :)
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    Your Sexuality (With the poll this time)

    I'll be another one of the few females to add to this discussion...I'm bi and I stand up for gay and lesbian rights
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    Cheap People

    I, for one, have no problems with any kind of ads hosts place on your site. I tend to prefer pop ups because all my sites are frames. These hosts offer you free hosting, placing their banner on your site is the least you could do in return...
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    Best Web Host Award

    I voted for Angelfire. When I was using free hosts, I found them more reliable. I know a lot of people complain about them, but I had no problems with them at all.
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    A host that supports SSI

    I've already done a search for a host that supports SSI and has FTP, and I came up with only these three... lunarpages.com rootsweb.com xoasis.com Are there any more, and if not, which of the above are more reliable? I've heard some bad things about xoasis..... And I don't care...
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    Need $15 USD per year hosting!!

    I don't think your going to get anything for $15 a year
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    Free Webhost 150 Megs - No Ads!

    I got the same message, that there was no such account name, which there is. It's okay though. I don't really like to use any host that offers both regualr and adult hosting
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    Registering an Expired Domain

    I was wondering the same thing. There's one I want that expired two months ago.
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    I know someone who had serious problems with them. I do not recommend them
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    Any host with Unlimited Space/Transfers?

    Good idea, but chances are people would ignore it and ask for unlimited webspace and bandwidth anyway...what does a person need unlimited webspace for anyway? But to answer the person who started the thread, why don't you search for paid hosts and see what you come up with. You can find a lot...
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    WORST Free Host

    Homestead. I tried them once before I learned HTML and I had nothing but problems with them
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    Tripod adding more ads??

    I haven't noticed it on Tripod, but I noticed it on an Angelfire page
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    Ok, thanks :) It's ok about the pop up ad. I'm one of the few people who don't care about the ads. As long as the host is reliable, I'm cool with it
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    This is the first I heard about them. Are they pretty reliable? I'm planning on making a personal site and I'd rather not pay for webspace for that....they sound good...
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    Most Reliable URL Redirection?

    I've always been partial to cjb.net, but it has ads if you choose "url cloaking"...