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    Free Hosting?

    Yeah, free hosts are for fly-by-night websites, since many free hosts are, in fact, fly-by-night hosts. LOL
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    The original free unlimited webhost is back

    I'm probably out of touch with the free hosting reality these days, but I don't know of any free host in the right mind that would have PHP with the safe mode off -- that's just asking for abuse.
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    lost in the sea of free hosts...

    Yeah, while paid hosting is affordable for most people that can afford a computer and internet connection, there are some sites that just don't make sense to be hosting with pay hosts -- for instance, someone may make a site that is only intended for a limited time event, like a school play or...
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    My review of 1and1 Internet

    I'll bet all those limitations are there to compensate for overselling (as they supposedly offer 10 gb disk space and 300 gb monthly data transfer for only $4/month). Yet another downside of those overselling hosts.
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    What has happened to 3rd Rock Hosting?

    Dang, how can a PAID host just go away without warning!!? You'd think a pay host would at least warn its members!!
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    The original free unlimited webhost is back

    Yeah, but T35 at least has a 500 kb file size limit and a limitation of 1 mb of traffic per 2 HTML page views (to prevent a user from using more bandwidth than their advertisement displays will pay for), so their unlimited is not really unlimited. CWahi has unlimited across the board (unlimited...
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    The original free unlimited webhost is back

    I think the ad-free plan will cost a small monthly fee, although I don't know why anyone would use THAT if they can just host with the regular crosswinds.net . As for the website design, I do think it resembles a pre-designed template. Ricardo, I guess the unlimited server sluggishness is...
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    The original free unlimited webhost is back

    By that I mean Crosswinds (but, Crosswinds free is now referred to as CWahi, probably a reference to Hawaii, and is located at http://www.cwahi.net/ ). Their new free service seems to be based on their original premise of unlimited webspace, unlimited file transfer, and unlimited file size/type...
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    what the hell when you couldn't got your data bak

    Even if you pay for hosting, you should keep backups on your hard drive.
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    Whats Benfit to Offer the POST2HOST

    Yep, the dirty old trick to keep users active, as opposed to users who sign up for accounts and don't use them, or only use them to store files with only token HTML pages...
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    Why do you use FWH

    One thing I don't get is that if no user bases his or her real website in free web hosting forever, why free web hosts today offer "virtually unlimited" disk space and traffic? Or maybe that could be the reason why they do; they know nobody "smart" will try to use it.
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    Which Free Web Hosting Do You Recommend?

    Well, back when I used free hosting, I found http://www.t35.com/ to be the best one, despite their server speed bumps (but what do you expect for free?). They were also the last free host I used. That's just my opinion though (and take note that was over five years ago, so that's a terribly...
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    How to tell people what overselling is?

    Yes, the really big hosts that are established can get away with overselling due to economies of scale, but you shouldn't trust any new paid host that offers 300 gb space / 3000 gb transfer because it's usually a scam!
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    Which Free Web Hosting Do You Recommend?

    Even if the host is generous it cannot last for long with no ads, because they'll get too many members.
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    Why do you use FWH

    Yep, free hosts are good for testing your first web site. In fact, many free hosts offer paid upgrades in the hopes that if/when one is ready to move to paid hosting, he or she will use their paid hosting.
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    why does all the big hosting from 5GB to 30GB have LayeredPanel

    T35 free has its own limits too - for instance, the 512 kb file size limit. Also, you can't use more than 1 mb of bandwidth per 2 HTML page views, so if your site is primarily a download site, you have to host the files elsewhere even if they're all under 512 kb and legit (ie, not bigger files...
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    just a few weeks ago...

    Yeah, I remember Portland.co.uk, but I was just saying that 200 mb/month really isn't that much for some.
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    just a few weeks ago...

    200 mb/month? My website's already used almost double that transfer so far this month (but it's a sounds site, so that's to be expected). Still nowhere close to the 11 gb/month 2wdhost gives me for $24/year though (although 2wdhost is a pay host, not a free host).
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    just a few weeks ago...

    I remember 9cy, but 9cy wasn't unlimited (it was 100 megs webspace). However, the same guy did run peyros.com, which offered unlimited space/transfer/file size/etc., but it lasted only 2 days after an alarming amount of warez signups.
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    Why or Why Not Start A Hosting Company?

    Yep, you shouldn't start a hosting company to make money because there's so many it's not funny.