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    $$$ 3 hosting templates for sale $$$

    I got 3 hosting templates to sell. http://templates.nemelization.com/template2.htm - $60 http://templates.nemelization.com/template6.htm - $70 http://templates.nemelization.com/template12.htm - $45 Either post here, pm me or send emails to: me@nemelization.com Make me an offer if you...
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    i want a logo

    heres my 40 second production :p it is free afta all
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    This Host still in hosting Biz?

    Still not working =/
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    2 Templates For Sale!!!!

    2 TEMPLATES FOR SALE..u decide wether u think they are 'professional' Your get: .PSD Sliced Images 1 main html file and 1 content html file Free modification (add your logo etc..) Templates will not be resold. Start auction at: $20 for template 1 Buyout $80Main Content and $30 for...
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    Host with paypal payment

    i can offer you 500mb space 10Gb bandwidth PHP SQL high speed servers $14 per month $140 per year
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    All those who enjoy their privacy or hate microsoft - read

    Like most of you i do not have a particular liking of microsoft, i cant really say that i 'hate' them either. we all owe alot to mocrosof as they carved the paving stones to what we have today. microsoft has good reason to protect itself against piracy as it loses a$$ loads of money from it...
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    hosting about chatroom and board...

    Hello, We also allow phpBB and phpMyChat. they are even included in our auto-install scripts so there is no uploading necessary. Our basic package comes with: 120mb webspace 3Gb bandwidth PHP SQL CPanel 5 etc..view www.sprhosting.com for full details $4 per month or $40 per year...
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    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    wow this is quite long...only takes 2mins to load too :rolleyes:
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    2 web templates for sale.

    Images and details can be found at http://www.sprhosting.com/design.php Offer now closed.
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    Design Considerations

    The reason most people make webpages at 800*600 is so that the people using this resolution can view your site correctly. There is still alot of people using 800*600 until 1024*768 becomes the 'standard' most people will continue to make 800*600 webpages.
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    reliable hosting low cost?

    Jan, fair enough we cannot promote ourselves but what if we genuinely think we can help (by recommending other hosts)
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    Here We Go Again

    It dont work on mine either, im seeing 2 combo boxes
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    Newly re-designed

    I dont agree with the colour scheme :rolleyes: but other than that good job. ;)
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    Site For Review: opinions wanted

    Yes much faster and very nice :D $70 for 3 pills :whatthe:
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    Why would anyone use JSP?

    i wouldnt say that they were 'much' faster but they are faster never the less.
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    I need the best web host

    Hello, As you have not specified an exact amount of space/bandwidth please take a loolk at our packages at www.sprhosting.com Otherwise we can meet all of your demands.
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    Anyone DomiNET customer having downtimes lately?

    How much downtime have you had with dominet?
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    y have u closed the body tag twice? "<img border="0" src="logo.jpg" width="650" height="125"><br> </body>" "SCRIPT src="index_files/menu_com.js" type=text/javascript></SCRIPT> </BODY></HTML>"
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    Another Host Needed

    No i dont think it is, it says the same thing on their website.
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    Another Host Needed

    i can provide you with: 150mb webspace 5Gb per month unlimited MySQL Dbs Daily backups plus more.... and you can run that script:) $7 per month or $70 per year