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  1. syd

    No war

    I can't remember where, but I do believe a few muslims saying that the dictionary translation was wrong.
  2. syd

    Reinstating Giancarlo

  3. syd

    Is your CD Player stolen?

    Really? Oh well, that's crazy East Europeans for you. I should know, I am one!
  4. syd

    Is your CD Player stolen?

    I'm curious. Is the CD Player in your car stolen or legitimate? I just bought one plus speakers for $170 from Wal-Mart. I wonder how many hot systems there really are?
  5. syd

    No war

    What is with this terrorism defense when justifying the war with Iraq? Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda are using terror against the US, not Saddam. I would believe they are not affiliated, and I doubt Osama even approves of Saddam. Not everyone who dislikes America, does it out of jealousy...
  6. syd

    Jack --- sues Jackass.

    The penny jar astounded you? Geez buddy, get out more.
  7. syd

    Countdown 2003

    I'm going to the parties in Whistler, BC after work today! Whoo hooh!
  8. syd

    First date?

    My first date was to Scary Movie :)
  9. syd

    Your perm can last 3 months, 6 months and even a year!

    Mmm... 4 days later, my hair is bone straight again. What a waste of $100(!) !!
  10. syd

    Let it snow!

    I remember my entire city shut down over 2cm of snow once :) Bless good 'ole Van.
  11. syd

    Australia compared to America

    You're kidding right? I have a habit of not knowing sarcasm when I see it :(
  12. syd

    Let it snow!

    And people call Canada an igloo? It was 18 degrees (70something in American-speak) just a day ago here. We'll see an inch of snow in January (if we're lucky). Bah!
  13. syd

    I'm leaving too...

    Must be a trend. I'm leaving too. Nature calls!
  14. syd

    Chemistry people....come here

    I'm not 100% sure what you mean as I haven't done any chem in over 2 years. But I hope this can help somehow: http://www.ausetute.com.au/moledefs.html "1 mole contains the same number of particles as there are in 12g of carbon-12 atoms by definition. This number is called Avogadro's...
  15. syd


    Why should anyone care when you act like a jerk?
  16. syd


    Have fun :D I've never been to London but I've been to Florida and I like it a lot.
  17. syd

    my poor sister

    Let's not forget the "cousins".
  18. syd

    What the hell is WRONG with some pervs?!!?!?

    I think it's the whole "looking at porn with his FATHER" is what bugs people
  19. syd

    my poor sister

    If you knew what schools are like in this area, you'd know that it's just this one school which is full of hindu gangs. The others are fine. She is not a "bully target" - it's just some punk --- bitches.
  20. syd

    The Simpsons Characters