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    vBulletin - What the hell!?

    I doubt it, I'm sure that FWS generates enough money to renew a vb license.
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    Apparently I've given reputation to EVERYBODY

    Guess so, either that or the rep system is broken.
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    Internet Speed

    Lol this is my thread! Anyway, I've got some better speeds to show off now :D
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    LOL, they aren't even legos.
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    iPhone 3GS

    Get the palm pre :D. Anyway the battery life on the 3gs isn't noticeably better but it is a little faster when loading games and stuff compared to the 3g. Check this vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oo1k_ZAb0vI
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    Verify Password?

    http://www.plus2net.com/php_tutorial/php_signup.php It explains how to make a nice php signup script that verifies passwords. Just remember to use part II of the signup script if you want it to check passwords and stuff.
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    New Free Webspace Forums Theme?

    I hope the forum gets integrated with the new main site design.
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    iphone paperweight?

    Glad you got it working, $600 dollars for a paperweight is a little too much. :P
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    Portable Game Devices And Headphones

    My 5 year old phat does that too. It's perfectly normal.
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    dell adamo

    Looks nice, but no way am I spending $2000 for a laptop with those specs.
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    Screw Taxes!

    That's not nearly as bad as it is here in Denmark. Here they take almost 45% of your pay check.... :(
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    got a new job

    Yeah, Good luck! This time make sure you do your absolute best and make sure you and your boss don't become enemies....... :)
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    i'm starting a blog?

    +3 to that. It's that type of titles that are really eye catching :P
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    My ds is broken ._.

    You could manually replace it with like $5 in parts. There's a bunch guides on how.
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    I'm back!..

    Yes it's me, I'm back. I've been quite busy the last few weeks so I haven't really had the time to visit fws :cry2: But I'm back now. :D
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    Gotta get one... Sh!t Box

    Nice, but how could that support anyone over a few pounds? And that's still kind of expensive for a cardboard box. You might as well make your own :P
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    So my tongue is pierced...

    Ouch must hurt. But why did you want to do it?
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    [Coded] Hosting Template - CSS and W3C Compliant, Very nice and ready to be used!

    Looks really nice, surprised that no ones picked this up yet.
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    I'm a Pizza Man now

    LOL. They actually cut your pizza in that shape?
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    WHMCS Owned License for sale $179 (standard price is $249.95)

    This thread hasn't been active since march! STOP TRYING TO INCREASE YOUR POST COUNT BY POSTING IN 9 MONTH OLD THREADS!