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  1. Bruce


    Where am I?
  2. Bruce

    Oh No!!! OH NO!

  3. Bruce


  4. Bruce

    xenForo it is!

    Very weird. vBulletin 2.x will always be the best. Ah the good ol' days.
  5. Bruce


    Hmm I've been a member here for more than half of my life as well. Crazy. 27 now, soon to be 28 in a couple months; joined when I was 14.
  6. Bruce

    I'm back.

    Hello Do I know you?
  7. Bruce

    Is this a ghost?????

    Furry toes!
  8. Bruce

    500 posts!

    Where's Stu when you need him?
  9. Bruce

    Dayem... 12 years!!

    12 years is definitely a long time
  10. Bruce

    I just came back to wish Ben a Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday! Yeah, I'm late. Sue me.
  11. Bruce

    10,000 posts

    I somehow felt obligated to post here.
  12. Bruce

    Free hosts that you used that are now dead

    Geocities... of course. Anyone remember Xoom/NBCi? Hypermart/Virtualave F2S? Portland.co.uk Crosswinds... Ahhh memories. I haven't used free hosting in probably 10 years now.
  13. Bruce


    For the record, not furry.
  14. Bruce


    Furry toes!
  15. Bruce

    Ten years, -----es

    Hay guys, what's going on in this thread?
  16. Bruce

    Is it just me, or....

    Well sure, but I'd still say forums in general are less popular now than they were 8-10 years ago. All of the boards I used to frequent are only a mere shell of their former selves. Obviously that's not always the case. One of the games I play still has over 4,000 users online on their...
  17. Bruce

    Firefox or IE?

    I haven't used IE since 5.0 and, well, it sucked. I've been using gecko-based browsers for the last 11 years, so I see no reason to switch to IE now.
  18. Bruce

    Next Avatar

    Yep, I've had the same avatar for the last 10 years lol Changing it at this point just feels weird.
  19. Bruce

    Next Avatar

    I changed my avatar once but only for a day