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    Streaming control panel

    Thats great :) It would be very helpful for all webhost who are into shoutcast hosting :) If your product is really good and works as you claim then it should get good demand. All the best.. :)
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    File storage hosting

    We can offer you VPS with Root access to your server, all servers are fully managed servers with round the clock free technical support and 30 day moneyback guarantee. Though we are not as cheap as others in term of hosting prices ;) Please refer following link for more details ...
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    Easy Hosting request for a friend

    @striker : If you are still looking for honest, reliable 24x7 webhost then we would be glad to serve Joomla hosting needs of your cousin. Please have a look at following link for more details on cPanel based hosting package : http://www.host.co.in/linux-shared-web-hosting.php You can go...
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    I need some help.

    Some spammers tends to be smart by tricking the questions they ask ;)
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    £1 Servers

    Sales pitch ;)
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    looking for a cheap VPS

    Hello Ben , If you are still looking for reliable webhost with round the clock free tech support then we can help you with our Fully managed VPS hosting packages with 30 GB diskspace, 600GB monthly bandwidth with 512 MB RAM for 40GBP / month All servers are located in UK and are fully...
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    I'm looking for some site to exchange link

    No worries with link-exchange ;) try to give them a natural look by using them within content of your website.. dont try to list them and get them as partner sites or in footer links which may look like paid links ;) Try to have your link on relevant page with some text surrounding your anchor...
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    /usr is full.

    I think i have provided solution stating : " you will have to clean following directories like /usr/local/apache/logs / and /usr/local/cPanel/logs and checking which files are eating up huge space and clearing them. "
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    Have Banners Been Effective for You?

    Right, banner advertisement may be helpful for getting traffic if placed on heavy traffic website related to your niche, though you will have to pay good value for them. You can try Google Adwords if you have good budget ;) You can also try SEO friendly text links which would also help you for...
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    Spamhause contact?

    Refer : spamhaus.org/Sbl/delistingprocedure.html You need to go through their delisting procedure and need to follow their steps.
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    Different kind of Affiliate

    Let us know more about the deal they are offering you ;) so that we can look into it.
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    I'm looking for some site to exchange link

    Not sure why i cant access your website :( I got " No web site is configured at this address. " message............ Well, i will advice you to try posting your offer at few other Business forums so as to get better responses ;)
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    Do you think PPC is better than SEO

    I would invest in SEO rather then getting into PPC, i know SEO need patience but what you get in return is targeted traffic for longer period ;) Once you optimise your site using SEO fundamentals then there are chances that you may maintain better position in Search engines. My vote for SEO ;)
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    cpanel dedicated needed

    here's the catch ;) make sure you are not charged for support issues and you dont get used hardware.... make sure servers are placed in secure datacenter with maximum uptime and uninterrupted power supply. All the Best with your search ;) Overseller Hosting can offer you unlimited diskspace...
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    /usr is full.

    You may face problem with httpd and cpanel services if your /usr folder gets filledup thus to make it free you will have to clean following directories like /usr/local/apache/logs / and /usr/local/cPanel/logs and checking which files are eating up huge space and clearing them.
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    Would you use Direct Admin?

    I dont think you would be getting much free support for DA as you can get it for cPanel on their forum or at other webforums ;) cPanel is much popular and is widely used ;)
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    Control Panels for Dedicated Servers

    Yes if you are the license holder for cpanel you would be getting free technical support related to all cPanel issues. refer : cpanel.net/support/support.htm Also you can ask for help in their forum which is very active and best one in world ;) ref ; forums.cpanel.net/
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    cpanel dedicated needed

    I am afraid if you would be getting powerful dedicated server including control panel for just $50 ;) IMO you may get a VPS for your budget but surely not a dedicated server.
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    Best Registrar

    I am not against GoDaddy or whatever...but just want to share a website created by "Gordon Lyon" Nodaddy.com ;) i found while surfing internet.
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    Difference between SSL certificates

    I think its very difficult to design/develop your own SSL certificate it requires sound knowledge of protocols, security issues and other network issues, installing certificate requires technical knowledge and its not that easy ;) there are web webhost who offer shared SSL for free as special...