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    cPanel VPS for $200 a year.

    Hey. I am looking for VPS with cPanel and installatron. Specs dont need to be special. 5- 10 GB space. 100 -200 GB bandwidth. 2 IPs Can anyone offer this? Regards
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    5gb space, 50gb bw, 50 addon/parked domains

    Thanks for all the replies. I chose [JSH]John's offer.
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    5gb space, 50gb bw, 50 addon/parked domains

    Hey guys. Thanks for all the replies. I barely had time to look at the thread. Atm DeiseHost, (Dans) offer looks the best for me. I am a bit busy with Uni and stuff, so I will make my final decision in a few days. Thanks.
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    5gb space, 50gb bw, 50 addon/parked domains

    Hey guys. I am looking for a reliable host who doesnt oversell and plans on staying around. I simply need: 5 gig space around 50 gig bandwidth 50 addon and parked domains. cPanel is a huge plus. I wont go with the cheapest host, but the most reliable. But can I expect a price around $30-$40...
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    Which domain name extension do you prefer?

    Info Com Org
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    Reliable, 5GB Space, 60GB Bandwidth $5. Since 2006! - KwiX

    Hey How many addon/parked domains do you get with the $5 package?
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    1000GB Bandwidth, 10GB Webspace, PHP, MySQL, Control Panel, Instant Activation

    This looks like something I am looking for, but just to make clear, How many user accounts do you allow? I am not looking to resell or anything, but I have a few partners. And also, what do you mean by: - yourname.com - yourname.ulmb.com - yourname.com.net.sc Thank you and regards.
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    3 character .net domains

    Hey, just a quick question. How much do people pay for 3 character .net domains nowadays? And do domains with 2 numbers a letter sell for more than domains with 2 letters and a number? thanks for reading
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    Is it illegal to have a domain name like...

    I am sure YouTube sued another company with the domain Utube.com, for stealing their traffic. It was something ridiculous like that.
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    New TLD - .tel

    isnt that what .mobi was for. Anyway, .tld will be better imo.
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    Your Opinions on this domain

    ah, I wasnt thinking about illegal stuff. I am getting a lot of interest from some "Router Modding" groups.
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    Your Opinions on this domain

    Anyone? I also got this domain, I think it looks promising. HDTVepisodes.com
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    1and1 vs namecheap vs godaddy

    Yep, Namecheap is the way to go. Everything is pretty much done instantly with them.
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    Your Opinions on this domain

    Got this domain with a few spare bucks. What do you think of it? SecretHacks.com Is it worth keeping?
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    Help :( Free Hosting Needed. 150mb/5Gb, +PHP

    Hey guys I want to host my own site, but I have run into problems with the last 3 free hosts I have tried. the 150mb space and up to 5gb BW isnt hard to find, but none of the hosts had the "sendmail" function enabled. I thought that was included when they claimed they had enabled php scripts...
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    Just a Newbie Question

    Hey Guys I am new to this whole Website thing, So i just have a question What is a MYSQL DATABASE, and what can it be used for? Thx