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    Ugly Designer Laptops

    Ok, let me ask you guys this... I've recently seen a netbook, would it be a better idea to keep my desktop and buy a netbook for college? Those Asus Eee Netbooks are kinda sweet looking...
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    Ugly Designer Laptops

    Yea I know macs are an excellent machine, I might actually venture down that avenue but would like to avoid it for now. Gaming is the main reason for that... http://ibuypower.com/ looks to good to be true... Anyone ever heard anything about that site?
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    Ugly Designer Laptops

    Hey guys, A while back I posted about this but now the deadline is upon me and I've learned a few more things... I'm going to college soon, and looking at some of these laptops kind of amuses me when I go to best buy. These sleek shiny and completely useless consumer laptops are not something...
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    Understanding Free Web Host Stability

    ROFL this should be stickied for all the idiots that ask something of the sort every week.
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    Joomla favicon on FWS main site

    It makes the site look cheap, might want to look at changing that
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    dell adamo

    Yes it is a very nice flash, what its advertising not so much though
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    IDE to USB cables plus power supply

    That is probably the coolest most useful thing I've ever seen (next to the power supply tester)
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    Firefox 3.0.6

    Nope, I use the beta so mine was faster even before the release.
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    I'm moving to Australia LOL, if someone did that here in the states a revolution probably would be started.
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    Weirdest thing...

    ah, makes sense now
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    Weirdest thing...

    So users can delete their own posts, just a lil coincidence that they both did it at the same time or close to it. Even so, mods wouldn't have done it due to the fact that no rules were broken.
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    Weirdest thing...

    I had two replies in my thread and now all of them have disappeared... What does that mean?
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    Looking for VPS, fast food budget!

    [Found a host] Thanks to all who replied
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    [Gaming Computer for Sale]

    Lowered the price to $800
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    Gameing Ladders..

    I can do this easily for you, shouldn't be too difficult because I had something like this when I was running a clan. I can also do some cool stuff to integrate your server into your website. I sent you a PM -- NVM I added you
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    [Gaming Computer for Sale]

    I have both 64bit and 32bit, whichever version you need installed. Harddrive RPM is 7200 with 8mb cache EDIT:// I also found a version of XP for those who don't like vista.
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    [Gaming Computer for Sale]

    Selling a gaming computer, custom built - Being sold so I can buy a laptop for college. Vista Rating 5.5 Price: $1000 It will come with a Widescreen Samsung 941bw - Keyboard and Mouse It has a slight heating issue due to the processor, runs perfectly without the case panel on though.
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    Linux....Should I? And Which?

    Ok before you do ask yourself Do you game? If you play games on windows then forget it. Dual booting is inconvenient and no point. Otherwise, I would definitely go with linux. Ubuntu all the way.
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    Experiments - Forums

    Hey guys, some of you might remember me as the owner of swift. I used to be hosted by ceege.net but the admin there [mark] had issues with the fact that I had issues with him banning people for no reason. I was wondering if anyone would host me, all I want to do is run a personal blog...
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    TF2 Server Ad Space

    Hey Guys, Selling Ad space on my server for Team Fortress 2. 1 Space on MOTD: $5/ month Unlimited amount of ad space for in-game advertisements! Just select the map you want it on or the location (Or I can select it for you) 1 Spot on map: $2.00/ Month An excellent way to advertise your...