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    Request for a host

    I can do this for you, PM me.
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    Whmcs is in a market which it basically owns, Hopefully this will get some competition into that market!
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    Windows 7?

    10 years later 64bit will go down the same track. Software companies need to catch up... I couldn't name a new computer that isn't 64bit compatible nowadays
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    Reseller account needed.

    Bandwidth may be an issue with color's offer. Any other offers?
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    Reseller account needed.

    I need a free reseller account for a post2host site I am considering making. Offers anyone
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    The free hosting biz

    YES YES YES toad , But how is all that possible
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    i need forum hosting for my domain

    I can make you a custom package, If you are happy to display a linkback to us. Email me on sales@trillianhost.com
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    DirectClanHosting.com fraud or not?

    Wont the datacentre help you?
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    DirectClanHosting.com fraud or not?

    No thanks, But tell me the result of it, It would be interesting.
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    DirectClanHosting.com fraud or not?

    We did not sue them, We let it go as it was 'Only' 69 euros
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    DirectClanHosting.com fraud or not?

    I purchased a server, They said within 24 hours, 3 days later i ask, Within a week. That went on for a month before i finaly said to paypal what happened. For some reason i got no refund... I just left them and posted a very similar topic to this on WHT
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    DirectClanHosting.com fraud or not?

    Well i had trouble with DCH aswell, never ever got my server...
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    Post your ctrl+v

    Hehe it happens to be paypal donations..
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    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    Who said you need to be rich:eek2:
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    Loss of data

    When I ran my hosting company my TOS said: hostname will not be held liable for any datalose due to Hardware fairure, Software failure, Human incompetance ect. You are responsible for taking backups.
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    Zune HD

    I still love my ipod touch, Tho speakers are nothing "Impresive"
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    Data center for mmorpg

    Dedifrag for renting dedi's if thats what your aasking
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    Cheap domains for sale

    Servervps.net and resellwhm.com sounds good, Might consider buying later
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    Looking For A reseller

    Mellowhost.com, It isn't mine but i've used it before and it's pretty good.
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    CPanel Hosting - $0.01! Reseller Hosting - $1.25! VPS w/ CPanel & Unmetered BW $40!!!

    So you don't offer windows Vps's at all? Damn Thats all i wanted.