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    Ahh. Nostalgia. Thread digging nostalgia.
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    Me = Little Miss Pilot

    Oooh goody. A thread I can participate in! Pick me! I have my PPL that was obtained at Moorabbin about....9 years ago and I'm currently in Abu Dhabi working for Etihad Airways as a Cadet Pilot and am actually doing my Instrument Rating test on Thursday! All going well I should be starting a...
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    Ten years, -----es

    Crap. Just realised I missed my 10 year mark. Erm, can we turn back time a few months?
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    Hello Sir Toefur!
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    Would you ever live on the moon?

    It's actually pretty nice up here!
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    Hey guys, it's Moonman!

    Excellent. I like the cut of your gib!
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    Hey guys, it's Moonman!

    I thought that, you know, for members with stature such as ours that the rules didn't apply? :devious2:
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    Hey guys, it's Moonman!

    Oh oh a thread all about me! Cheers Blank! One day I really will stick around. Promise! Should maybe mention that I might be leaving the wonderful land of Aus and heading to Abu Dhabi sometime in December too. Depends on how the interview goes in August. So how is everyone, anyways?
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    I'm a block and a half away from something called "Spunk Bar"

    You already have pierced nipples. There is nothing more a present from Spunk Bar can do for you now :)
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    For The Aussies

    It's only going to be 30ish over here in the Mid-West of Western Australia. Beautiful!
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    How dodgy are you?

    Years in prison: 121 Potential fine: £7000 Plus a possibility of the death penalty! I'm hiding.
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    Nintendo Wii. Dangerous Weapon!

    Oh, I'm paying for it. I did the damage. First thing I said was "How Much?" Glad you guys are enjoying my idiocy :) We're laughing about it now, too! :P
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    Nintendo Wii. Dangerous Weapon!

    Looking at the TV...It didn't help! :P
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    Nintendo Wii. Dangerous Weapon!

    Yeah I remember you. I've sortof been popping in and out fairly....non regularly :P RL Crap keeps getting in the way of my online time! No insurance on it. I'm paying for it. I thought I'd share for the enjoyment of others :)
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    Nintendo Wii. Dangerous Weapon!

    My sister purchased her new LCD (A Toshiba 42", about $1800) a week ago. This weekend, she borrowed her mates Wii. A few games of bowling were had. It was the tiebreaker game. The sweat was building. It was the last ball.....my ball.... Disaster struck...Gutter ball? Missed the split...
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    Beggars hate me.

    Heh. I was in Perth a couple of weeks ago, and one came up to me and goes "Hey brutha, Spare a dolla or two for me! Comeon brutha I'm outta piss and I need to go to the bottle-o to buy some more". I actually gave him some coin, only because he was honest in the first place!
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    Guess who's old?

    Happy birthday Ye Old Man! See! I do pop back in from time to time.....