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    Free cPanel WHM Reseller

    Get a free cPanel WHM reseller today and start your own hosting business! Visit us here : http://FreecPanelReseller.com Many thanks
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    FreecPanelReseller.com : A free cPanel WHM Reseller!

    Hi there, We have another reseller called MyOwnFreeHost.net which is specially setup for providing Free Hosting. The FreecPanelReseller.com service has different features enabled that are only allowed to be used by paid clients such as email etc. Thank you for asking!
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    FreecPanelReseller.com : A free cPanel WHM Reseller!

    You can view a list of the features provided by cPanel here: http://freecpanelreseller.com/features.php If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. Many thanks
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    FreecPanelReseller.com : A free cPanel WHM Reseller!

    Hi there, Thank you all for your interest. Free domain names like co.cc .tk etc are not accepted. These unbranded name servers to use are: ns1.dns-servers.org ns2.dns-servers.org You can also setup your own custom name servers using the default cPanel WHM config wizard. We have been...
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    FreecPanelReseller.com : A free cPanel WHM Reseller!

    Hi there, I am pleased to announce the launch of our new service: http://FreecPanelReseller.com/ (Owned & powered by Byet / iFastNet / SecureSignup.net) You get a fully featured Free cPanel WHM account with no limitations. The WHM reseller plan you get has these overall limits...
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    Fraud protection

    I agree Maxmind is good, but hard to justify for free hosting registrations based on the costs. A custom abuse detection system would be better in the long run
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    Is free Hosting Safe! ?

    I couldn't imaging any webhost, free or paid that would steal your DB contents and sell it, that would be very illegal and unscrupulous!
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    Im the New Guy Here

    Welcome bizwiz im glad to meet you, this forum is full of friendly people im also very pleased to be a member here
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    My domain is old

    I agree, inward / back links are important, building links to gain position on Google is the best way to get your site higher in the results.
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    FBI says sudo all your servers are now ours.

    Its so sad to hear cases like this, there must be other ways to get the data without taking the server.
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    Best proxy script?

    CGI proxy looks OK, although this may not be supported by your host ? Please let me know what you think.
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    I'm looking for some bachelor party ideas

    i recommend custom T-shirts for each person saying funny things, lots of tshirt sites out there for inspiration.
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    Whmcs Hacked

    The WHMCS server was hacked via a social engineering method at their webhost HostGator, apparently the hacker gained access to the server by requesting a email address change to the hosting account and then took control of the server. There was no risk to existing whmcs installation as a...
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    Vacation (again)

    Happy Holidays, dont get sun burned!