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    How to Choose the Best Web Hosting Provider?

    Hi, I want to know, How to Choose the Best Web Hosting Provider?
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    How To Select A Good Domain For Business?

    Hello, Thanks for your reply and suggestion.
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    How To Select A Good Domain For Business?

    Hi, I want to know,How To Select A Good Domain For Business?
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    Suggest reseller hosting

    Hi, You can easily read customer hosting reviews in google.
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    VPS or Cloud?

    The best way to select the web host is to firstly know what your requirements are and then decide whether to select VPS hosting or cloud hosting.
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    Is Shared Web Hosting is Better

    A Windows Shared Hosting platform is very affordable as the server operating cost is shared between you and others. Websites, though, could be a bit lagging and slow due to server’s shared characteristic. A Windows Shared Hosting is mostly preferred by such webmasters who are not vying to...
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    Is a Reseller web hosting costly ??

    Hi, Thanks for giving me reply.
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    Enterprise Email Hosting & Its Benefits..

    Hi, I want to know, What Is An Enterprise Email Hosting & Its Benefits?
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    What is cluster server hosting?

    Clustered hosting is a type of web hosting that spreads the load of hosting across multiple physical machines, increasing availability and decreasing the chances of one service affecting another. Clustered hosting is similar tocloud hosting, in that the resources of many machines are available...
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    Cloud service that you prefer to choose

    BookMyIdentity is here to offer you quality domain name registration, web hosting, website building, email and security services amongst many
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    Cloud service that you prefer to choose?

    What type of cloud service do you prefer to choose now a days?
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    Best web host for a simple business website?

    Hi, Thanks for your suggestions and reply.
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    Best web host for a simple business website?

    Hi, Please suggest me, Best web host for a simple business website?
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    Is Cheap Web Hosting Reliable?

    Cheap web hosting services are reliable, It depends on the hosting company,if you avail them from professional web hosting company that has the reputation of providing quality and worthy services to its clients.
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    Cloud Hosting!

    Cloud hosting advantages. Rapid Elasticity - Our Create-A-Cloud tool allows you to adjust resources immediately to meet demand Resource Pooling - Load Balancing features allow you to maximize resource usage and achieve High Availability Tools & Automation - Customer Portal and Control Panels...
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    Dedicated Hosting??

    Hi, thanks for your reply...
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    Dedicated Hosting??

    Hello, I want to know, What is Dedicated Hosting and its benefits ??
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    How to connect existing hosting account with new domain?

    It will be done easily from your domain control panel, just update your dns settings for your new domain name.com. Update your nameservers or A record to point the hosting account. So that it will be linked with your existing hosting account files.
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    Difference Between Free host and paid?

    Free web hosting is not such a bad idea if you are new to the Internet or have a fairly low budget, but it is essential that with any free web hosting service that you read the terms and conditions. Otherwise you may be missing out on some features that you were expecting and which could affect...