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    Best Site Ever

    http://stabme.f2o.org/testing/beer_bomb/end.php :D
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    I am planning on a release in a few weeks. The next version currently has a working calendar and private messaging system. :D
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    I am currently working on a new version that will have a lot of new features and should be ready in a few weeks. I just don't want to rush things though because the first version had quite a few bugs that have now been fixed.
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    Looking for a host

    http://www.myacen.com/virtualhosting.html Their beginner plan is $24.95 per year. The only bad thing is that you can't pay monthly unless you got one of the bigger plans.
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    Xug.net signups reopen

    Seems like they changed it so that you only have to register but you don't have to post weekly.
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    Need some suggestion

    http://www.myacen.com/virtualhosting.html Their beginner plan should fit your needs. :)
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    Stuffed up spam

    I got spam today and somehow they figurred out which city I live in. :whatthe:
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    myacen feedback please

    Very reliable, good support, good value for money. I think you should go with them. :)
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    How high can we count?

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    Judges cannot give out death penalty OR What do you think about the death penalty?

    I think the point that some people are trying to make is that some people who have faced the death penalty are innocent. I'm not trying to say that person was innocent but there have been cases where the judge / jury has been wrong.
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    Only post smilies in this thread

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    I would say its best to learn php as there are lots of open source projects for php and its very easy to learn.
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    Only post smilies in this thread

    :topic: :topic: :topic: :topic:
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    How high can we count?

    1 :classic2:
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    Problem with the sign in the http://www.xug.net

    If your ip has been blocked then I'm guessing you would not be able to visit your site even if an account was created.
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    FTP Programs

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    I thought there was a 5gb bandwidth limit?
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    Need a host

    You won't find any good host with unlimited space. How much space do you think you will use?
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    I believe xug.net doesn't set a limit on space. That does not mean it is unlimited though.