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    ipb standard licence for sale expires 9th june

    licence sold elsewhere so this no longer availible
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    ipb standard licence for sale expires 9th june

    price dropped to $85 for this shoot me a pm or reply here if intrested
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    ipb standard licence for sale expires 9th june

    no this would be a standard licence $30 usd renewel for downloads every 6 month. ipb stopped selling lifetime licences years ago
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    ipb standard licence for sale expires 9th june

    hi i have my ip.board licence for sale i looking for $100usd but im open to sensible offers this would be an account transfer over to you as invision power board dont support transfers screen of of my licence area below
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    Never with ixwebhosting.com !!!!

    posting here only going to get you the same answers you got on wht you should have made backups its your own fault learn from your mistakes and in future make sure you read a hosts tos that way you know where you stand with backups
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    Best Dedicated Servers In the World

    there isnt realy a best dedicated server company there is only the best for you
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    Need Hosting/vps/dedicated server For Download Torrents or TorrentFlux Hosting

    i cant see anyone been able to provide this been as its ilegal content you are wishing to download
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    windows dedicated needed

    hi i have a customer that is looking for a dedicated he has a max budget of 70 usd he needs 512 ram 40 gb disk windows os hasnt given me any info on processor but needs 1000gb traffic iof you have anything in this range please either reply or drop me a pm
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    Windows vps

    what kind of movies ??? is this material you own the copyright to?
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    Anything to say about FDCServers.net

    depends what you using them for there has been quiet a few network issues due to ddoss and other problems over last few week http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=598541&highlight=fdcservers
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    Dedicated reseller

    some providers to try avoid getting stiffed charge first month and last month before servers are setup this way if someone buys a server then fail to let you know within cancellation period you not stuck with a box for a month with no payment for it.
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    Can anyone install python for me?..

    save yourself hassel of someone possibly installing dodgy stuff on your box and paste this in ssh yum install python not meaning no offence to craig
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    Can anyone install python for me?..

    yum install python in ssh i think will work for you
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    hi first off i must apologise to vectoral they have been working on my server for 5 hours trying to get it back into a working state it apears the box is about dead just thought id update here as it apears i shouldnt have been so eager to post
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    yes it is i have a p4 server with them been offline since 11:15 last night no resonse to ticket i admit probably me been bit eager but everytime i dealt with other companies with staff at the dc they have at least known whats wrong within 1 to 2 hours 6 hrs later from ticket issue and still no...
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    so much for there own staff at dc they must be sleeping i put a ticket in 4 hours ago when my server didn't come back from reboot still no reply yet looks like il be moving to 1paket after i done further research
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    What is a "ROOT SERVER" ?

    those prices are for german residents anyone not in germany has to pay a yr upfront or did when i enquired
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    Is it illegal to have a domain name like...

    id avoid anything resembling anything microsoft i rember an old case regarding mikerowsoft http://www.ftlcomm.com/ensign/ensign2/mcintyre/pickofday/2004/january/jan019_04/mikerowesoft.html
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    if you are after cheaper at same dc and are not in the eu try exportal there servers come in same configs and same dc but become higher priced when you add vat on top for european residents and they seem to always have stock seems sadly i will not be ordering no more from vectoral as need...
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    speedtest.net is not an exactly true way of testing speed as according to there site i get 4mb yet on usenet i get my full 15mb