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    BlueGeeks Hosting

    Cheers mate :), I am working on the billing system now :) and should be up tonight so then i be able to start selling my hosting with automated invoices and stuff :)
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    BlueGeeks Hosting

    tomorrow plase take a look and tell me if the new design is better not yet as got ferw DNS problems :) so should be up tonight or tomorrow :) http://bluegeeks.co.uk
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    BlueGeeks Hosting

    I am working on it :) people so will repost an update when done :) Cheers for replys
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    BlueGeeks Hosting

    Hey cheers for the reply i was thinking that to lol :) i will work on something over the next few days and post it :) and tell me what you think :D
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    Portfolio design

    IT looks ok, its just that i think the Navigation bar looks abit odd as its black and all f the other ite it blue/light blue :) so i would think about that lol :D and if you have a site like this, is it for a portfolio site? if so i would say why not use CMS called - Wordpress and also you...
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    got a new job

    Good Luck with the new job man :) hope all goes well for ya in the future :) hehe
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    BlueGeeks Hosting

    Hi this is a test site nothing will really work as its being converted and fixing bugs which have been found. http://www.bluegeeks.co.uk So please could you give me your opinion please and what you think of the design. and what i could improve :biggrin2:
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    PHP Editors

    I use something called PHP Designer 2008, because it is very user friendly :) and it is really easy to read php code :welcome:
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    Queen Of Angels Website

    I also don't like the menu navigation, i would also change the header. The design is ok for what you are using it for, i would also try and bring in couple more colors to the site as all it mainly has is "BLUE" :classic2:
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    ModiRack Design Review?

    The design & Coding isnt all that as i am jusing IE7 and where the login form is "login button" it doesnt show it all its too far down i not sure if thats an IE7 bug or not as i not checked on FF or nothing lol, But this is what i would do 1. Redo Header 2. Font Size and try and make...
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    Review my new design!

    Nice clean and fresh site jason i like the colour scheme :) Also a nice looking Web 2.0 Site :) keep up the great work
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    Hello, I'm here to test my account. Well thank you to the admin because you activate immediately my account. well, i join this forum site in order to join in forum discussion about web hosting and other discussion that we encountered in this forum site. I'm here to talk and help people if i can :)