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    1GB Disk Space/50GB Bandwidth cPanel 11 - No Ads Hosting

    doh i can't even register... "Our system has detected a high risk of fraud for your order and has therefore blocked it"
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    I might not jump to this gen in gaming

    i still got a ps2 wich i play from time to time with friends, i just think that the new consoles doesn't worth the money
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    Verify Password?

    ajax, because javascript alone can be tricked very easy(since it's client side), btw if you'll check the password from a mysql database, use like this $pass=mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['pass']); //for security
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    host with php extension eaccelerator

    thanks allot mate, i really needed this :D
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    Database not storing stuff?

    1. Make sure the mysql connection is working, then do this and tell me if you got any error. Replace $query = doquery("UPDATE {{table}} SET treasury='$newgold', land='$newland' WHERE id='".$userrow["id"]."' LIMIT 1", "users"); with $query = doquery("UPDATE {{table}} SET treasury='$newgold'...
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    hash-salted password

    youm ust make sure the salted is the same, if doesn't work you should try with md5.
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    host with php extension eaccelerator

    I am looking for a host that has eaccelerator extension installed for php. I have some files compiled with eaccelerator, that's why i need that extension installed. Other requirements, atleast 50mb space and 12gb bandwith. Thanks in advance for any offers.
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    Submit form without click

    with javascript is very simple same method can be applied on body tag, like this <body onload="myForm.submit();">
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    5gb Disk Space and 70gb Bandwidth l CP l Fantastico De Luxe l NO ADS

    try to advertise abit more, to get atleast 100 active members
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    5gb Disk Space and 70gb Bandwidth l CP l Fantastico De Luxe l NO ADS

    too bad that only 9 members are right now...
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    Hosting needed

    well 1 link isn't a big problem on ads, and posting only if forum has active members and doesn't require more than 50 posts...
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    Hosting needed

    sorry TSO no offense but your website is kind of laggy, is loading slow, i want something faster.
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    it's better to use sessions instead of cookies.
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    How dangerous it to run out dated forum software ?

    for an un-popular website isn't such a big risk, exceot if a hacker notices you... the main risk is to get hacked, so try to secure as much as you can.
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    sorry i didn't gave you a good answer, also my question is written badly. I can make it display this: 1 5 28 192 Without 0, it will be like this SELECT * FROM `table` WHERE rank > 0 ORDER BY rank ASC
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    Hosting needed

    i forgot to mention no ads, no posting
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    how the type of ranking ?
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    Hosting needed

    waiting for more offers, i wil chose the one i want
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    ORDER BY ranking DESC WHERE ranking > 0
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    Hosting needed

    thanks, your offer sounds good, as long as there aren't any downtimes i'm happy, let's talk via msn.