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    PLEASE vote!!! ^_^

    Thank you ^_^ Yeah, I know it doesn't have a whole lot to do with anything here.... but I didn't know where else to go >_< Sorry! Thankyou for helping us out!!!! ^____^ -cw (I can't tell you which cover is mine ^_~)
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    Please help us out!!!!!

    Hello, A group of friends and I have put together a collective of stories and now it's time to create a cover, before we publish it. Please visit the link below and vote to help us out with the best decision! PLEASE click on the thumbnails to enlarge the image for BEST impression! Thank you!
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    PLEASE vote!!! ^_^

    Hello everyone, A group of friends and I have put together a selfpublished collection of stories, and now we are ready to create our cover. please, go to this address: http://www.saicoink.com/doujisoup/cover/covervote.htm and vote for which cover you most like. Thank you ^_^
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    Any host will do....

    All I need is 5 1/2 file size limit, or more... and ftp. Reason is I am uploading EXTREMLY larg images for a certain project. Thankyou, cw
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    So I can't use this guestbook? ;_;
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    Umm.. I just downloaded your guestbook, but I'm having a hard time.. I've never downloaded a guestbook before @_@ I just uploaded it to my host: http://www.envy.nu/chaoswinds/test(1).html And look what it's doing. Could you give me some instructions on how to make it look like your example did?
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    So you think so too, huh :) Good, I'll use it then.
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    What is your domain suggestion?

    hmm... I might be able to get someone to... but I'm not sure... I probably wont go through the trouble v_v...
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    Need help.

    ACEHTML!!! ACEHTML! My baby :D You should use ACTHTML.com, it has EVERYTHING you could need, it's free, and it's really easy to use... It's good for expierenced webmasters and newbies to html... *kisses acehtml* :biggrin2:
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    Ups and downs

    hehe, you two are funny :biggrin2:
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    Picture borders

    I'd just use ACEhtml editor to help me... :classic2:
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    Free Poll

    Go with http://pollit.com
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    looking for Free FTP

    Go with this... I use AceFTP, I find it VERY reliable, easy to understand, and it's free. And a free HTML editor also comes with it... which I also use, it's free and it has EVERYTHING you need. Sorry.. I guess I need to brag about my pretty equipment :o cw
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    Thanks! I just took a look at your guestbook... Yeah, I really like it! I was very different, so I didn't know what to think at first, but I like it a lot, and I'll try using it. Very clean layout, just like I like :D
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    I can sign if you want ^_~ tee hee
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    Give me advice here! Which board???

    agreed. Yeah, I think ikonboard looks pretty good :D I agree, I'd go with that. -cw
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    Re: Re: Re: hmm... I don't know.... It's always hard before you find out, and maybe you should treat that person like an idiot for not knowing :) I didn't know how to type that symbol at first either... Aftually, I still don't :P I just know the html code for it... ha.. *ahem*
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    Thank you ^_^
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    hmm... Hi manga fan!!! ^__^ Hmm... well.. I suppose I'd like to look at both ^_^ More choices that way ^__^