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    Cleaning laptop keyboard?

    Hahaha! I did the same thing. I had to replace my keyboard with the new one :P
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    Why do you use FWH

    For advertising, communities and knowledge. ;)
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    How to tell people what overselling is?

    Not all new paid host that offers such DS/BW is a scam. Just some of them. Silly scammers, because of them all the new honest paid hosting got a bad rep. :tired2:
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    Dotster Giving 500 Domains Away

    I found one article in web host directory (accidentally) and thought want to share with you, well, just in case anyone of you need it. ;) Full article can be found here.
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    Please Help for host community!

    Eh, since when you give me your new domain password? :confused4
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    I know how your feeling exactly with that situation because I've been there. Have you contact them by email or phone? Talk about your rights, yes, you have the rights to get your domains and hosting as well. Do not resign.
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    Please Help for host community!

    Hi Smith5, I can help you. PM me if you interested.
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    JTrenWebServices: April Promotion. Coupon inside

    April Current Specials More Web Space, More Bandwidth! 100% One-Time discount Recieve a 100% discount on the first payment term of your choice. Please use coupon code JTWS100 to take advantage of this offer. 50% Life-Time discount Receive a 50% recurring discount with any payment...
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    UnlimitedMB down?

    You are correct :) unlimitedmb.com seems working now.
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    just a few weeks ago...

    I even see free hosting offer unlimited disk space/bandwidth! That's put me off already, but at the same it is very tempting indeed, but better avoid it than sorry. :)
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    This drives me nuts!

    I don't know why, but I kinda agree with the topic starter. I've seen it a lot these days. Anyway, it doesn't matter if you are 16yo or whatever age you are as long as you are committed in what you are doing, you are your own way to be success. Maturity and committed is important when you are...
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    My domain registrar is down... What should I do?

    Ouch! That's not good, but you should mention the name of the registrar too.
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    Web Hosting for a simple blog....

    It's free after all.
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    Max # Of Hosting Reps From 1 Company

    So true. Not everyone here making big money everyday/month.
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    TurboVPS - Would not suggest to anyone

    I have VPS. I used it to run my online game. I do have adomain name, but no website. However, still, you need a domain name when you purchase VPS.
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    vStay away from vaguhost – hosting from hell

    Yes, I agree with you. I also had a very bad experience with them few years back, fortunately, I got my money back. :)
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    Looking for Webhosting.

    Hi there, Maybe you can take a look at our shared hosting plan: 1,000 MB Web Space 10,000 MB Transfer cPanel 11/RVSkin Unlimited domains Promotion Price: $1.95 Per Month More Info | Order Now
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    I need a webspace

    Email has been sent to your email. If you are interested, please email us at sales<@>jtrenwebservices[dot]com. Thanks.
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    Please Review: JTren Web Services

    Hi XT-iZac, Thanks for your time to review our website and thanks for pointed out our website weaknesses. Not at all. In fact, I am happy because you willing to take time to review our website. :)
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    Need web space to house CPanel backups

    I am not going to tell you that our hosting company has been established long enough like any other hosting company. Our hosting company is less than a year, but we have been work with several old and popular hosting company more than 6 years. Anyway, I retract my offer above and good luck...