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    700,000 free hosting accounts to giveaway!

    Mwah, not all are such good hosts, or a lot of ads.. :angry2:
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    700,000 free hosting accounts to giveaway!

    Yes that is very insane :confused: But maybe he haves... It's a nice offer, but I need MySQL or I can't use it :)
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    700,000 free hosting accounts to giveaway!

    Does is support 1 MySQL db :confused:
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    I neeeeeeed Forum-space:

    yes, you have there 20mb of space and php+mysql but only big ads :(
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    Cgi-Bin, 20-50mbs, and FTP Needed

    www.endoria.net A english site but only a dutch faq, but they have all the tings. cgi,php and you now................. :D
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    I am a very nice guy!

    lets think........... euhmmmm................ 18
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    Please help me with this

    try: www.aspwebserver.com
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    Need a host....

    www.multimania.com They have no CGI You get: PHP/MYSQL 100MB SSI i don't know
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    Cgi-Bin/Perl, No Ad or Popup, FTP Upload...

    www.wsx.dk Unlimited Space CGI/PERL PHP/MYSQL FTP
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    My IDEAL Free Host

    There is no hosting with: what you want
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    ftp ssi and no ads 20 mb?

    they have ads, he ask: NO ADS
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    Looking for a few hostees.

    Yo, my friend (my friend :D) want a host for his forum, but he have's no hosting, can you give him hosting, he have's a very good designer for his site so a great logo etc..... It's a forum about: anime The name of his site = animexl Greetz, Vincent
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    Only 3 days left

    It sound's great ;)
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    any good cgi host???

    Yes, but for a good running site with a forum maybe is it very small
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    any good cgi host???

    You can try: www.wsx.dk You have: Mysql PHP CGI/PERL FTP No ads
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    any good cgi host???

    Host4u.at have's only 5mb (that's very small hosting :p) T35.com is down :(
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    The best freewebhost with everything!

    my friend want's hosting, this is good for him i think so.
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    my Free Hosting

    no, chmod to 777 doesn't work :( Maybe now's yupapa what's the problem
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    my Free Hosting

    YUPAPA: i have a big problem with my account, i upload a UBB forum and i go too cp.cgi to configure my UBB forum, but he give's the fold: 404 i have no permission to dat file or map What's te problem, everything is chmodded and good, so: do you no what's rong :( :( :(