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  1. Hobbes

    PHP Form Handling...??

    what is an appropriate way to handle forms from one page to the next? As with perl you had to have a function that stripped out unwanted characters that could wreak havoc on a system...
  2. Hobbes

    Java Applets...

    Is there a place that has a list for java applets (mainly chat) that i can download to place on a website or remotely hosted applets? TIA.
  3. Hobbes

    Quadratic Equations

  4. Hobbes

    Button Generators?

    Where is a good online place that does button generation? If there arent anymore, where can I find some cool buttons that I can use to edit in photoshop?
  5. Hobbes

    Graphing calculators

    Get a TI-86. You can download programs for it; the TI-Link costs around $20, I got mine at Best Buy. You can use this calculator on the SAT and ACT, however I don't remember if the TI=-89 is outlawed. I believe TI-9X series are... BUT, if you're planning on taking calculus anytime...
  6. Hobbes

    Whats your favorite movie?

    Hoo-Rah 4 Monsters Inc.!
  7. Hobbes

    Audio Related Question

    Thank you:D
  8. Hobbes

    Audio Related Question

    Hi. I have lots of old tapes at home and want to listen to them on CD in the car (it only has CD R/RW/Mp3 player) on my frequent longgggg drives. Can someone suggest me a good .Wav to .MP3 converter? Thank you.
  9. Hobbes

    recieve phone calls

    I dont know if they have that, but check out http://www.fecg.net ... they have a "somewhat list" of telecomunications stuff
  10. Hobbes

    Computers + Illegal Operations HELP!

    See if you can find the files on the internet or on the setup disk.. OTHERWISE try and edit SYSTEM.INI or WIN.INI and delete the line that has those references to that file. Its the cheap way, but it works:D
  11. Hobbes


    I want the Toshiba e750 or whatever it is.. but I think I'll wait so they can work out all the bugs and let the price fall a bit
  12. Hobbes

    Girls suck!

    I like girls
  13. Hobbes

    What's so great about being a blonde?

    blonds have more fun
  14. Hobbes


    When I played with the m130 at best buy I couldn't see a darn thing on the screen it was so small!:eek:
  15. Hobbes


    What PDA should I buy? Why?
  16. Hobbes

    Shrinking size of the form fields?

    Thank you.:cool:
  17. Hobbes

    YAGT (Yet Another Graduation Thread)

    I had to do a speech 'cause I was valedictorian. I convinced everyone that they should live the present and not the past/future.. hahaha . my teachers are funny.
  18. Hobbes

    Shrinking size of the form fields?

    How can I shrink the size of a submit button? I dont want it as huge as it is with the default settings
  19. Hobbes

    YAGT (Yet Another Graduation Thread)

    I just graduated yesterday. They loved my speech.
  20. Hobbes

    Well. I am leaving

    Is this babe a brainiac?:p :cool: