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    I haven't been here in forever. I tried to remember my login credentials and finally did. 109889 Unread Posts since your last visit. You last visited: June 25th, 2008 at 00:12
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    [PHP] Please help

    Ok stupid me I got it. Sorry!!! :classic2:
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    [PHP] Please help

    I have a site where I am trying list properties from a database. I have these set in the database with active = 0 or 1. (0- not active, 1-active) I am trying to present these in a list which i already have done. But if there are no active properties then i want it to post "There are no active...
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    And thus ends my minor bout of inactivity

    Sweet I want half. I was actually here long before the vbulletin boards. I have been around here since around 1998 or so. But I was MIA for the past 2 years because I really dont do much with any webhosting anymore.
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    yeah but i have had it for like 3-4 years. It used to be owned by internet.com and had alot of traffic when I first bought it.
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    Honey, I Want A Divorce

    thats funny and the way women drive its scary.
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    freecreditreport.com anyone?

    If you need to constantly monitor your credit report I use http://truecredit.com which is through Transunion but gives you unlimited 3 bureau reports for $15 a month. Keep in mind that you can get a free credit report once a year at http://annualcreditreport.com
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    My Portfolio :)

    here is a direct link http://www.in-ess.net/index.php?page=works Looks pretty good.
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    I own this domain and it expires in 5 days 6/10/08. If someone is on namecheap and would like this domain i can push it to them for free. Please post and let me know what you would intend to do with the name and I will choose who gets it from those posts.
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    And thus ends my minor bout of inactivity

    My bout of inactivity was 2 years and 3 months. i almost forgot this place existed. I used to post daily but have been out of the webhosting scene for quite sometime.
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    LCD monitor-emergency purchase

    I have a sceptre 19 wide screen hd ready with DVI and VGA. Looks and works great. Cost $180 from Newegg with free 3 day shipping. Check Newegg for monitors alot of time they have free or reduced cost 3 day shipping.
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    Need help with UPDATE

    Try it out... http://synergyrecycling.com/edit_pages.php?id=5&edit=show . It is getting the information from the database and displaying it in the form. It allows you to type the information into the form, but when its actually supposed to update the database it says it does with no errors and...
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    Need help with UPDATE

    I have a script that I use to update my pages via the internet. This works fine on all my other cpanel servers. But when I use this on my company's hosting account at Apollo Hosting it wont update the pages. Everything appears to wor properly but in the end it will not update the database. Can...
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    Cheap Reseller Account Needed

    duport, do you allow resellers to move sites from an existing cpanel server via whm. I have like 35 sites i need to move from an existing server. And I might need 3gb of space quote me a price for that too. If the price is right I will sign up in the next few hours.
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    Cheap Reseller Account Needed

    and it would be a real plus not to have a bunch of limits on email addresses or databases or anything like email accounts and all. But hey beggars cant be choosers.
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    Cheap Reseller Account Needed

    Im in need of a cheap reseller account. I am currently offering hosting services but I am getting out of it. I dont have the time to deal with the day to day operations. I am looking for something like 1-2gb of disk space, cpanel/whm, and maybe 10-20gb of transfer a month. I have a car...
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    How much..

    we could do 1000mb of space and 100gb of transfer for $15 USD a month. a domain would be $10 a year and would be under your control. we do not have fantastico, but we have cpskins autoninstaller which is basically the same thing. our site is currently under re-construction. we have been...
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    Hosting Site For SALE! Only 60 USD, instant sale! Good Domain + Clients included!

    yup post how much is made off these clients and i will let ya know
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    Free reseller

    ill give you a free reseller account....although any resold sites get paid to me =)