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    Need 25MB Of Web Hosting

    Never mind, I'll just put it on my re-seller, I was just having a small problem and it was resolved. Thanks anyway, although if the offer is good enough I may accept it.
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    Need 25MB Of Web Hosting

    Hello, I need web hosting for a small project I'm working on, it's a bot a game I play, and it has a kill switch based on the text of a text file. Basically, I'm looking to find web hosting for a 2-3 byte file, but I might want to add other things like a registration system and stuff like that...
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    Free hosting request: cPanel, mySQL, PHP, phpMyAdmin, FTP, .htaccess Space:

    How come you need another account? We already have one set up for you. And some of those features aren't available with shared hosts, such as ssh/sftp. If you need that stuff, you'll probably have to fork out some cash.
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    Free Hosting Request: Mixed Site (Personal/Business/Blog)

    I can offer you the following: Space: 3GB Bandwidth: 10GB Subdomains: Unlimited Email addresses: Unlimited Squirrelmain: Of course. :) Ads/Banners/Links: Nope I will try to make a backup once a week for you, so your data loss should be minimal, but remember, take backups yourself too. :) PM me...
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    10,000 posts

    I'm not expecting to get too many posts, lol. 300 is my current target, :P.
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    Image Hosting Idea

    How about this, an image host, but only available via a desktop client? So basically, when you visit the site it says "To upload images, please download our desktop uploader." Why you may ask? Well, first of all, you can have more features, such as auto-sync, entire folders...
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    very small free hosting request

    I can offer you this, but what will it be used for? Also, we use cPanel although to add another domain just choose "Add-on Domains", set the nameservers to our servers, wait a little then add them. If interested, just pm me.
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    Small VPS Sponsorship

    Just wanted to let you guys know I'm still looking. Anyone got anything else?
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    Free Master Reseller Hosting - Hinsmart Hosting

    So you have a 1 petabyte server with 5 petabytes of bandwidth and 96 GB of ram? Sounds reasonable.
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    Simple hosting request. Offer me what you want. It's okay.

    If you want, I can put you on a reseller I've acquired, the uptime is pretty good and the servers are decent. It uses cPanel and has all the stuff you need. Is 3GB of space & 25GB of bandwidth okay? I can't provide you with a domain, sorry. But anyway, if you want, pm me if you're interested...
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    Looking for a free web hosting for wordpress blog

    Try leaving a private message, not a user note. Like he said.
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    Small VPS Sponsorship

    Lol, this is funny. But seriously, does anyone have a vps? Heck, I'll settle for 233mhz, is it too much to ask? :P Also, exactly where did you get the vps that is just "laying around".
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    Small VPS Sponsorship

    Wow, look what HinsmartInc pmed me. I might go with sander's offer, but I need to get time. So anyway, thanks all! (Side note: You know, I wouldn't mind a shared server with ffmpeg, but a vps would make it a bit easier for me.)
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    Small VPS Sponsorship

    Could you create a custom 1 time plan? Perhaps 5GB HD with ~20GB of bandwidth for 500 posts or something? Cause I can do that 1 time probably, but time is an issue. To others: I'm still looking for offers, HinsmartInc is not yet confirmed, and I'm not really able to do sander k's current offer...
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    Testing the forum.
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    Small VPS Sponsorship

    Replied, hope this works out. :)
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    Small VPS Sponsorship

    Hey guys, I'm working on a little project, but I need a small vps for it. I'm working on a few scripts that involve ffmpeg and just wanted a platform to test on. I know, ffmpeg is kinda resource hungry, but I only need a low end vps, I really don't care how long encoding takes, it just needs to...
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    Default Page Contest

    Is anyone interested?
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    An Epic Win Name!

    Better Version (it isn't just a letter):
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    Microsoft Kills CZ.CC & Dotfree For Spamming

    No, they're just small service things that I work on that need to have a live site. Hosting is no problem, it's just that cz.cc stupidly shutdown... :(