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    Good MP3 Player

    www.musikcube.com Lighter than Foobar2000 though lacking the userbase and for any OSS nuts, it's open source.
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    free pdf reader

    Search for Foxit PDF Reader in Google. It lacks the built-in browser support (which is slow btw) but it's much faster than Adobe's Reader
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    What is the best blogging software?

    I second WordPress, running it on my site without a problem.
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    ontario citizens

    Rogers was quiet nice in my area when I lived in the GTA (Great Toronto Area). Probably because we lived in a newly devloped area but the speeds were amazing with little downtime. Wish I could say the same for Shaw in BC...
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    Battlefield 2

    I can't even play the demo since my GC is that shitty. Even my sisters laptop can play it... :sleeping2
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    VoIP = wow :)

    Just curious if the powerwent down due to a thunderstorm, would I still be able to access the phone with VoIP?
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    Reasonableness wins.

    www.bugmenot.com You've already read the article but for future preferences.
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    Your current browser!

    Ctrl+N does the same as Firefox's Ctrl+T. Ctrl+Click works in both Firefox and Opera. Ctrl+Alt+N does the same as Firefox's Ctrl+N. It's not that different, you just gotta remember to press N instead of T and you have to get used to the fact that Opera uses on one window (default).
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    Your current browser!

    Opera 8 Beta3.
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    Warning: New Virus?

    I smell a hoax. Infact I even searched it and Symantec even confirms it's a hoax. http://www.symantec.com/avcenter/venc/data/life.is.beautiful.hoax.html None the less you should never open up a attachment unless you know for certain what it is.
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    cheapest domain

    GoDaddy.com New customers get a special deal for $3.99
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    Instant Messenger Advice?

    Miranda is perfect with a little bit of customization. It's like the Firefox of Instant Messengers.
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    iPod or ? Give your opinion

    No they load as external HDDs or atleast the early 3 Gens did. Whatever, my iPod is sitting in a corner somewhere. Got my self a iAudio M3 and do I ever love it. Stainless steel casing, smaller than the iPod and the quality of sound is better aswell.
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    VBulletin OR Invision Power board (IPB)?

    I prefer IPB, never felt confortable using the AdminCP in vBulletin. Though IPB has gone down slightly since they've went paid, but what can I say it's business. I would rather get a free one anyways , unless of coarse someone offers me a free licence for vB or IPB. ;)
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    domain needed

    www.fdns.net All the other ones I know were already mentioned. It's a bit long and if you leave the domain unattended(as in not loggin onto fdns) for 120* days then it'll get deleted. *they'll send you a warning at 90 days
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    registrar that support paypal

    www.domainsite.com & www.namecheap.com Both of them have good reputation, some people might have already had experience with Domainsite's CP since they offered free .INFO domains during the Afilias promotion.
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    Google Suggest

    It works in Opera, or atleast in 7.6 Preview 4. Well actually it only works once then you need to refresh it. Anways this is utterly useless. Why would I need something to suggest to me when I should already know what I'm searching for, why else would you be using a search engine if you...
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    Free subdomain with DNS

    www.fdns.net It's a bit long but it works well enough, just gotta remember to login every month or they'll close your month after 30 days.
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    buying a new computer (need advice)

    Since all you're questions have been answered I'll just say yes, IBM make good computers. Unfortunatly they sold their PC buisness to a Asian computer manufactor Lenova, this week.
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    Looking Cheap Domain

    Why don't you just throw in a extra $2-4 to buy a domain? Anything registar selling less than $6.40 usually have some sort of catch.