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    Request Hosting/VPS in Asia Pacific Area

    I'm looking for hosting provider in Asia pacific area, for example, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea or Singapore. That should meet my requirement in connection time through this area. The resource requested is not too much, both shared hosting and VPS is ok. For shared hosting I'm looking for...
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    Any hosting providers supports ipv6?

    There's a 10Gbps ipv6 dedicated link here with low usage, and however 10Gbps ipv4 link available but most people are sneezing it... my isp told me, and I think some of the ISPs are alike so if any hosting supporting ipv6 then I can build up a site that supporting ipv6 will be nice~
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    Any provider supporting ipv6?

    I'm seriously need a hosting which supports ipv6 (the ipv6 link here is quite fast~), and not much space/bandwidth is needed. I'm willing to post/pay for it, if anyone could offer it. Thanks.
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    Any hosting providers supports ipv6?

    I'm seriously need a hosting which supports ipv6 (the ipv6 link here is quite fast~), and not much space/bandwidth is needed. I'm willing to post/pay for it, if anyone could offer it. Thanks.
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    Need a small free hosting

    to legend_host because I can't send PM to you: so I don't know what should I do to get such an hosting, however I may not do many referrals except my friends as I'm a student and I don't have much time on recommending your site to others, and could you give me a link to your server(like IP or...
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    Need a small free hosting

    I'm planning on two project, both are mainly used on mobilephone, through WAP service. However, my projects are only coded by myself, using PHP and MySQL, so I wonder a hosting to host me which is tolerance of often changing my code by myself and maybe a long time (such as about 10 days) out of...
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    Looking for hosting supporting IPV6

    I'm doing a project running on IPv6 (Of course it also supports ipv4). I need about 1 more month to finish it, however, hosting supporting IPv6 is not easy to find. So I posted a thread here to find such a hosting. Anyone could help please reply or pm me. Thx
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    Free Reseller Accounts! First 5 Only

    While visiting I encounter a 500 error. You may need to work it out.
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    Available for hiring (coder)

    I'm an university student and I want to do some jobs in the summer vacation (July 5- August 15th). I can code something for the webpages, PHP, HTML etc. As I'm a student so I can have a 10%-30% discount for you on coding, comparing to the general price. If you are interested in this offer...
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    Hosting Request - Small & Inexpensive

    To [UW]Glenn: Proxy is impossible as I required such little bandwidth, it's a site in different language, it won't violate any normal rules. To HighLayer: I don't exactly know how much it costs, so I'm inquiring.
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    Hosting Request - Small & Inexpensive

    Requirement: 200MB Space 1GB Bandwidth 3+ MySQL Database Addon Domain Support .htaccess & PHP Support cPanel/Directadmin Available Cron Jobs [IMPORTANT] Fast Connection to China, a test-file link is preferred. If your hosting support ipv6 and has ipv6 address, feel free to indicate it...
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    Spare space on sell (Really Low Price)

    I bought a hosting for myself but a lot of space won't be used, I need small amount of space/bandwidth. So there's much spare space/bandwidth can be sold. As for this, I'm offering some of the package at quite a low price. I don't want to waste my resource and get some money to maintain such...
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    Available For Hire..

    Hi, I'm a high school student and just graduated, and I'm going to the college major in computer science next semester. Now I'm in a 3-month summer vacation, and looking for some jobs to do. Anyway, I want to learn something about the hosting industry, and server management, if you could provide...
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    Offering 20 free accounts ( cpanel)

    I have registered :) nice hosting Hope it could be reliable
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    Directadmin Free Resellers

    I'm interested in the resellers and I'm here to request one, would you give me some further information about the package? I CANNOT pm you as you disable your PM feature.
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    Need a VPS

    I don't require much space or transfer. Requirement: 128MB RAM 2GB HDD 15GB Transfer 1 Dedicated IP (Optional) Debian/Fedora Core Allow monthly payment from paypal I'm doing something that need a small VPS. I don't care you are offering unmanaged or managed VPS, even give me a empty...
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    Want a shared or reseller

    I'm still a student so I could not pay much for the hosting. Reseller.sc44.info is not visitable. And if shared I could only pay about totally $80 for 5 years payment in maxinum.
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    Want a shared or reseller

    I want to buy a shared hosting or reseller. With control panel (cPanel/WHM or Directadmin) With PHP/MySQL Support NON-Required for RVSkin or Fantastico Fast connection to China I will pay the money 3-5 years at one times. So your hosting must be reliable. If shared the price must be lower...
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    Free Hosting Request

    The site is created by me, and it written in my tougue language Simplified Chinese.