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  1. ashben

    Gmail Invitations

    Merry Christmas guys! I have some invitations left. PM me if you want one. You MUST have more than 10 posts on these forums and your last post should have been made within this month (Dec 2004).
  2. ashben

    Gmail Invitations

    None left for now but I'll post shortly with more invites. Stay tuned ...
  3. ashben

    Free Royalty Stock Photos

    Bluevertigo ( http://www.bluevertigo.com.ar/bluevertigo.htm ) also has some neat design resources listed on their site. Worth a look!
  4. ashben

    Happy Birthday Jan!!!

    Hey Jan! Happy (belated) Birthday :) Have a great year ahead!
  5. ashben

    Gmail Invitations

    Sorry guys, no more invitations for now :( But I will post back as soon as I have some more and the invite preference will be given to you blokes who are "too lazy to PM" ;)
  6. ashben

    Gmail Invitations

    I still have some invitations left. PM me if you want one. You MUST have more than 10 posts on these forums and your last post should have been within this month (Oct 2004).
  7. ashben

    Gmail Invitations

    Need a Gmail invitation? I have a couple with me. Just PM me to get one. You MUST have more than 10 posts on these forums and your last post should have been within this month (Sept 2004). Keep checking this post for more details - if I run out of invitations and when I have more to give...
  8. ashben

    javascript - checkbox validation

  9. ashben

    Advanced Web Crawler

    Most search engine's can spider querystring URL's as long as the URL has a back-link. For example, at http://www.google.com/search?q=%22.asp%3Fname%3D%22 you will see that Google has actually indexed pages with querystring parameters in the URL.
  10. ashben

    Gap at page bottom - why?

    BTW, if you plan to design the page Netscape-compatible as well then also set the marginheight=0 in the body tag. bottommargin won't work in Netscape.
  11. ashben

    World's Greatest Commercials Downloadable

    www.adcritic.com has some cool ones
  12. ashben

    JScript - New window in an already popped up window..

    Try changing the name of the child popup from "window" to something else.
  13. ashben

    Laptop with longest running power

    Anyone aware, which laptop(s) (... company & model) have the longest running battery power at one go? Also, is anyone here using a Tablet PC? What's your experience with it?
  14. ashben

    FTP Clients

    I use and recommend LeechFTP - http://stud.fh-heilbronn.de/~jdebis/leechftp/ Although, the development on it has been discontinued but its still a robust and effective client software. Its key feature is its multi-threaded functionality. For novice users, FTP Explorer is pretty good...
  15. ashben

    secure shopping cart question

    Actually, a lot of e-commerce transactions are processed via "secure e-mail". IMHO, as long as the e-mail communication is PGP encrypted (with atleast a 128bit private key) - its acceptable. But if the volume of transactions is high then a 3rd party payment processor or a payment gateway are...
  16. ashben

    Micro Vault

    Anyone using/used the Sony Micro Vault - http://www.sony-asia.com/microvault/ Any comments on its usability and performance?
  17. ashben

    about MS Access and MySQL

    U need http://www.bullzip.com/products/msa2mys/info.php
  18. ashben

    Domain for IT/freelance/marketplace

    The domain OutSourceCode.com (ie: Outsource the Source Code / Software) and the supporting logo are up for sale. This domain is ideal for an online marketplace (like eLance.com or RentACoder.com etc.), freelance web site or even a source code exchange web site. If you are interested in buying...
  19. ashben

    Can you give me some suggestions for Site Search Engine?

    Scripts - don't know Sites - yes, http://www.freefind.com/ & http://www.google.com/services/free.html
  20. ashben

    My computer is a box of shit

    Don't say that. It might hear ya :)