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    [Merged] The Most Members

    biggest forum on the net? hardforums.com Registered Members: 45,737 226,557 threads in total 2,511,793 posts in total That is just insane! I'd hate to see that guy's bandwidth bill! Do you know of another forum that is bigger than that?
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    best solution for my busy forum?

    Has anyone tried this host? I have a fast growing forum costing me too much money and I'm thinking of switching to this host with this plan: http://smartconsumers.infinology.com/en_hostc.htm $50 setup fee + $9.95/month (paid yearly) = $169.40 total 9gigs storage 50gigs/month bandwidth...
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    Active Web Hosting - too good to be true?

    activewebhosting.com $10/month with no limit on web space and bandwidth. Isn't this hilarious :biggrin2: Anyone actually try them?
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    Phenominet reliable?

    Anyone using this host? Have you found them to be reliable?
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    neethosting.com is bad, mmk!

    Rumor has it these guys scooped up another host's domain name as soon as it expired! Tells you a lot about them :bandit2:
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    Liquid Web - what has YOUR experience been with them?

    Please no heresay, what has YOUR actual experince been with them?
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    Tera-Byte shared hosting question

    Looking at the chart I see that the Plan4R gives more disk space and bandwidth than Plan4U. Is this the only difference between the two plans?
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    Copyright worries?

    There is a VERY good video game domain I want to register, I can't believe one this good is actually available. But I am worried I will run into copyright trouble if I register it. Could I get into trouble if I register it?
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    15 gigabytes/month?

    Yes, these are high bandwidth cheap hosts. From experience you can't go wrong with Tera-Byte or Cobalt Connection. I've heard LOTS of negative comments on LiquidWeb, not sure about the others.
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    Frustration with cybersquatter

    Because it's the most simple generic name possible for what I want. I could get it with a dash in there. But I don't want the stupid dash :mad:
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    Frustration with cybersquatter

    okay, but it expires this May and if I'm lucky maybe he won't renew it early. I heard about Snapnames which can back-order the domain for $49. Has this worked for anyone or is it a waste of money?
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    Frustration with cybersquatter

    I really want a particular domain bad. If this *@#*ing cybersquatter in the UK keeps renewing it before it expires, there's nothing I can do about it besides make him an offer?
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    Why paypal doesn't suck!

    We always hear about paypal in a negative light. But let me tell you why paypal has it's good points. I had an extremely bad experience with a host (who shall remain nameless) that kept charging my credit card after I had cancelled my account. Ever since this happened I don't like giving out...
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    it makes me weep...

    I Know I know the feeling guys, I'm considering calling it quits now due to diminishing profits. I've gone from making $1100 per month (last year) to only $350 this past month. Oh well, it's still easy money :)
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    Non-illegal sites that get loads of hits?

    I have an emu site that gets 4 million page views a month but the problem with it is that it can't get into a premium CPM network like Burst or FastClick, so my ad revenue is pretty disappointing for the volume of traffic.
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    Non-illegal sites that get loads of hits?

    Is it possible to bring in loads of traffic to a site that isn't illegal or questionable (warez, emu, porn, mp3 etc.) I'm thinking an anime site might be the way to go. Anyone here has an anime site getting over 4 million page views per month?
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    Favorite guitarist on this summer's G3 tour

    posted by jason: Well we hate the term "hair metal" that people from your camp constantly use to describe our music. I think we have a right to label your music in return, don't we? Gotta agree and disagree with you here. I agree with you on Jimi Hendrix being a guitar god. His performance...
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    FlyCast / Engage, Go Bye Bye?

    Dunno if this is true, but I heard a newsletter was sent out stating that as of September 26, 2001 Engage will stop serving ads. Ouch is that gonna hurt! What kinda makes me happy is the fact that all of the crap sites that were lucky to get into Engage during the early years will be screwed...
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    Favorite guitarist on this summer's G3 tour

    Minion, in case you haven't realized, the 80s have been over for nearly 12 years now. People of today just don't understand what a real guitar solo is and can't see why it is such an incredible aspect of music. Guitar playing, specifically soloing, is as much an attitude as it is music. This...
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    PHP GZIP question

    Can GZIP compress php-parsed web pages? Someone told me it can only compress static html, but i want to know for sure, I really don't want to upload 100+ pages whenever I change something in the design :(