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    Free PHP Host

    I need free host: -PHP -FTP -30MB -Subdomain that can be cloaked with free domain name thanks for any help HG
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    How do i register a domain name??

    dont worry i've sorted it now :):cool:
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    How do i register a domain name??

    I would the name www.anfieldforever.co.uk someone recommended 123reg.co.uk to me i registered a name but i never got the e-mail through to activiate my account should i ask for the e-mail to be resent?
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    Invision Free!!

    Hey, Does anyone use invisionfree to host a board? They suddenly decided to move servers any ideas when it will be finished?? cos i would like to get onto my forums Cheers HG
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    forums question

    why not just go for a remotely hosted board i.e. dk3 or InvisionFree etc
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    Can I buy a host using my card?

    I'm 16 and i have a solo card can i buy using that? Or do i have to wait until i'm 18 and have a credit/switch card? Advice needed Cheers HG
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    My CD Drive- HELP

    My hard drive and anything else with my computer is fine again but now my CD-drive does not work it appears that the autorun is disabled. Can anyone help me please- how do i turn autorun back on again?? If you can help e-mail me ASAP here Cheers HG
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    Tripod!!! :<

    I registered for an account at Tripod in fact I have done it twice and both I have registered with no problem and got the confrimation e-mail thourgh no problem. But what happens is that i click on the link and whenever i type in the security cide it says it is an invalid entry. Why is this...
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    Looking for Free Domain Name

    wont dont you try http://www.-------- i've used them in the past very good and it is only cancelled when you dont want it any more and you can also setup mail aliases i.e. yourname@youraddress.--------
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    phpbb2 plus is out!

    looks good :) might have to get it soon
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    Looking for free host

    ok thanks 'll have a look
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    Looking for free host

    I want to experiment with forums so i'll need FTP and someone that supports PHP does YaBBse need MYSQL?
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    instead of KaZaA

    i've tried Kazaa, Shareaza and IMesh I like Kazaa the best, but without the bloody spyware.
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    50 megs

    i thought it was free :confused:
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    50 megs

    is this ok for building a basic siteos i've heard about it but i dont know what it is like can you give me some advice please. should i use or not?
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    Free ASP Host

    Anyone now where i can get a FREE ASP Host? Not an ASP.net host because I'm starting to learn ASP I cant afford a domain i just somewhere to have a try. Any ideas at all? Cheers HG
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    Different users on a computer

    i'll try that thanks
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    Php Bb

    i'll have a look cheers guys :)
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    New version of MSN- worth getting?

    A mate installed and said they were having BIG problems with it for a while, but everything seems ok now. Is it worth installing?
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    Different users on a computer

    using Windows ME (Millennium Edition)