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    Any GOOD hosts that supports everyone.net?

    MX records has to do with the domain, rather than the host. Any registrar that gives you access to them, or will change them for you, can use Everyone.net.
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    I was thinking about past FWPs today, and...

    Maybe you can't upload because you are trying to upload to Datablocks.com, rather than Datablocks.net?
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    tForum and vBulletin

    Blaze Board is a free PHP UBB-style board that uses MySQL. http://www.bbhacks.com
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    CPC list?

    click2net.com bannerport.net
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    the best free php/mysql discussion board

    It is PHP, but doesn't utilize MySQL, but... http://www.blazeboard.com/board
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    Ideas to keep advertising alive..

    Can't you use a redirect script. Lower resolution -> Page with small banner 800x600 -> Page with normal banner Anything higher -> Page with bigger banner And so on. People've been doing it to redirect visitors to pages best suited for their browsers.
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    Whats the deal with Excelland? (Makes no sense!)

    Yes. And the topic evolved into cobrand hosting. Will you find it at 'About Web Services'? No. You'll find it at Community Architect.
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    Whats the deal with Excelland? (Makes no sense!)

    NorthSky service is now located at Community Architect. [Edited by usr on 12-16-2000 at 10:34 PM]
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    how do you benchmark php script?

    Run Quake II on them... ;)
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    Hey Robert From SI

    Also, I believe SI has their own board. Use that one next time.
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    Looking for PHP script...

    That's okay melz, I'll keep looking for a PHP. But it was nice of you to offer. :)
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    Looking for PHP script...

    Nevermind. I'll use the Perl script. If you truly want to understand Chicken, make an account at LinkCounter.com and set up an URL. But if anyone else comes across a PHP script, post. Thanks again.
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    Looking for PHP script...

    I'm not confused. I know what I want. I just don't know how to explain it. ;) I wanted something I could fit into an email, that wasn't 60+ characters long. I'll look at myLinkTracker one. Ex: http://host.com/go.php?id=1 points to http://advertiserurl.com/ Thanks again. [Edited by usr...
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    SubPortal.com :)

    I don't remember if they allow you to integrate the feeds into your site, but I think it is/was, you couldn't. MoreOver.com is still the best, I think. EchoFactor.com is pretty new, syndicates Salon's news.
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    DataBlocks or Yahoo

    I've known about the Yahoo design for awhile, and it didn't really bother me. But the blatant Bootbox ripoff? To think, I defended Datablocks at times. Even if the hosting was decent, it's not worth being associated with a service that does something like that. And the nice thing now is...
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    Looking for PHP script...

    Thanks, but I'm not looking for a tracker. I tried ODTrack before. I don't want to have the URL shown. Maybe if Oodie could do something with that script... hmmm?
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    Needed: Comments and Suggestions

    Good time for the Government trademark search to be down. :\ Anywho, hopefully they know you have to pay and register in order for it to be trademarked. You can't just slap an 'r' on something and call it a registered trademark. Did they really pay to have it trademarked?
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    Looking for PHP script...

    Still looking... anyone?
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    Domainzero question..

    That's right. Thanks.
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    Domainzero question..

    What was the URL to edit your information? Is it still there? Thanks.