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    Domainzero and VirtualAve

    I registered my domain at domainzero and now i am using virtualave to host my domain. When i go to change my nameservers at domainzero i have four blanks so i enter primary and secondary host name and when i click on modify it says "Errors modifying nameservers: Invalid attribute value" what am...
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    DomainZero and Hypermart

    Thanks Alot
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    DomainZero and Hypermart

    So it is free, there is no charge at all using the domain hosting from hypermart? If it is really free, can i have the url for the sign up page for it. Thank You
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    DomainZero and Hypermart

    Is it free wacky wacko for the domain hosting from hypermart?
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    DomainZero and Hypermart

    So i should leave the rest alone, and just add URL Forwarding?
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    DomainZero and Hypermart

    still dont get it I still dont get it how to url forward with domainzero. I login into my domainzero. I choose URL Forwar for Record Type but i dont know what to put for Hostname, Adress, and MX Pref. And choosed i have for record type 1. MXE (mail easy) record type 2. CName alias record...
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    DomainZero and Hypermart

    I have my own domain at domainzero and one at hypermart, now can someone please tell me how i can point my domain name that i got from domainzero to go to the hypermart page. I am a newbie, so please go step-by-step. Thank you
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    Domainzero Help

    I registered my domain name with domainzero, and when i went to my domian name i saw the domainzero thing. Than i went into my dns stuff and i played around, now when i go to my website it says that it cannot find the website, what can i do?
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    Free Domaim

    Does any one here know of any company that registers a domain name for you for free (i dont care if they place an ad on my page, if so plese respond. Anything except namezero. Thank You