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    Post Your PC (or Mac) Specifications!

    When some notebook PC's burn your lap, and some have even burst into flame, it seems to me that they're trying to pack too much into too small a package too soon.
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    Internet Speed

    My internet speed is 24 Kbaud. (that's K, not M) In order to get satellite I'd have to cut down a number of trees that are not mine to cut down. Options like cable and DSL are not available here, and the phone company, EMBARQ, doesn't give a rat's --- about its rural customers.
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    Fired or Not Fired?

    Yeah, they should have had a backup. What'll probably happen is the management will write this down in their little black book against you, and keep harking back to it over and over, and even if you keep your same job for 20 years, they'll still be using this incident as one of their excuses to...
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    Spread ReactOS?

    (slightly OT) on the subject of win/linux, I looked at putting hewlett-packard's HPLIP on my linux PC (because my printer requires it to run in linux), and found out HPLIP and its associated packages is Bigger than the entire operating system (damnsmalllinux) and all the other apps and packages...
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    Somewhat of a Hodgepodge

    http://www.hodgepodge.liway.com/ Anything in this brushpile of mine look even remotely sponsorable? Does it work ok in all (or at least all reasonably modern) browsers? I only have it tested sofar on the 2 browsers I have: Firefox 1.5, and IE4. (The href.searchstring doesn't work on IE4...
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    Spread ReactOS?

    I saw the bug already listed in the buglist... Probable hardware incompatability, unconfirmed. I bookmarked it to check again later.
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    Spread ReactOS?

    I recently tried a ReactOS liveCD on an 800MHZ computer that had 256Meg of ram. It booted up with no error messages to a desktop, but no icons ever appeared. It got as far as the small window that says "detecting hardware", then that went away, leaving a blank bluish-gray screen with an...
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    Post Your PC (or Mac) Specifications!

    Pentium II 233, 64Mb RAM, 6Gb HD, Multibooting to WinDoze 98, DOS, and DamnSmallLinux. 10base2 Ethernet (BNC Co-ax), Sound Blaster 64 ISA, 1 FDD, 1 CD, PS2 optical tracball, and a US-robotics modem.
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    Could you post a URL to an example of this, JJ?
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    A lot of free hosts going down?

    I'm hoping liway.com will be around for the long haul, because thats where I put my webpage
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    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    Fail what? Did the string break?
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    Post your ctrl+v

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    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    Didn't someone once have a a contest for the "longest thread" non-internet long ago? (or maybe it was the longest string... they had a huge ball of string that was over 6 feet in diameter) ??
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    post2host closed?

    Yeah... What I do is build my website on my own pc, then upload it. That way I have a local backup. I hadn't actually put a website there yet, but I had started posting to their forums.
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    post2host closed?

    I just logged onto post2host forums and all that would show was this: vBulletin Message Post2Host is closed Sheesh, that didn't last long; what happened?
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    Warning to all: k_oudom

    That is just weird. What benefit could he possibly be getting from his actions?
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    Soon to be closing

    Ugh! my condolances, Schmarvin. What you mention these days even extends way beyond web services. I couldn't get anyone to fix my leaking shower, and a friend of mine has had a horrible time trying to get the contractors to actually show up for her to build her house.
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    What I'm looking for in a free web host

    cool Cool. In that case, I'll be making a host-request as soon as I can get another look at the TOS and unacceptable-use-policy, which at the moment are both showing an error message: " MediaWiki internal error. Exception caught inside exception handler " I'll try it again tomorrow...
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    What I'm looking for in a free web host

    Oops Oh. If you don't host for ppl outside Australia, then I've been just wasting your time asking you all these other questions. Sorry. I live in the US. -- just a dumb varmint
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    UpHut.net - Free file & Image hosting

    One file, no strings attached, and all you ask is an email address? that sounds pretty cool. How long does the file stay there?