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    You set up port forwarding on in your router's web interface, not in the dreambox. Go to (most likely your router's ip) and forward port 80(http) to 192.1680.0.51 (your dreambox). I got a DB-500 myself, but I use it to get FTA satellite programming (NASA channel, GoalTV, etc.)
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    Columbine Montreal Style

    http://vampirefreaks.com/journal.php?pg=1&u=fatality666 This is his blog and it's pretty ----ed up.
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    Twentyone today!

    For us, Canadians, 21 does not mean a thing though. :P Happy birthday! :beer:
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    iTunes 7, New iPod range (coloured nano's, coin size shuffle and 80gb iPod)

    You're right - it isn't. This thread is about Apple's new unimpressive offerings that don't create a buzz anymore.
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    iTunes 7, New iPod range (coloured nano's, coin size shuffle and 80gb iPod)

    Same here. My Vision M suits me just fine. ;)
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    Why isn't General Discussion busier?

    In this case, answer me why is it that this section is first on the entire forum by the amount of posts then? As it stands, this place fully qualifies for PPLCGDFB title.
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    Why isn't General Discussion busier?

    For a forum with over 60,000 members this section is rather dead. That's pretty surprising when you compare this board to some others of similar user base. Why do you think it is quiet in here and what could be done to boost the traffic? I'm an off-topic junkie myself and frequent many forums...
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    Columbine Montreal Style

    I work a block away and was able to see everything from my office. Pretty crazy!
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    Phones spill secrets of previous users

    Funny, I just read about this today in Infoworld. Pretty scary.
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    Use it in a sentence.

    Be my guest - rip me off!
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    Funniest stuff ever!

    I liked it. :knockedou
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    Post Your Desktop!

    Yup, once you're used to a dual screen setup it's difficult to go back. :)
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    Post Your Desktop!

    My desktop at work(dual monitors).
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    Post Your Desktop!

    Then you haven't used Neowin UXTheme Multi-Patcher v4.0 I take it. There is no performance hit when using it, because no application(s) is running in the background at any time. Try it for yourself if you don't believe me. I too, dislike running crap like WindowsBlinds in the background, but...
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    Post Your Desktop!

    If you use Neowin UXTheme Multi-Patcher v4.0 there's nothing extra to load at boot time. AS T.M. said already, skin isn't applied over but instead the Windows XP default.
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    F!@#$%^ piece of F!@#$%^ S!@#!!!!

    I'm hungry.
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    Post Your Desktop!

    It's just a matter of an opinion really. Personally I dislike glossy look of Mac desktops. I prefer minimalistic interfaces myself.
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    your fav. html editor

    I've been a Dreamweaver guy since version 3. It hasn't changed. :cool2:
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    I have just passed my 500 post mark!

    I have an Excel sheet where I write down my account info for every forum I register on. That's how I can remember things like these. :knockedou
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    Post Your Desktop!

    I don't know if there's ever been a thread like this one around here, but I thought it was worth a try anyway. Post a screen shot of your desktop as it is right now. Below is mine.