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    Bloody Annoying ICQ

    msn > tools > options > Preferences then uncheck the "Run this program when Window starts"
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    Need Help..don't Know Which One To Choose

    oh...so dell does have problems... is there any known problems for ibm or toshiba?
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    Need Help..don't Know Which One To Choose

    thank guys... yeah i was thinking towards getting da ibm or da dell....
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    Need Help..don't Know Which One To Choose

    i'm thinking of getting a laptop....n well i don't know which one to get....for the best money.......as well as which laptop is best out of the following list....huhuhu **note: all this brand will be with pentium M 1.6GHz processor ** Toshiba Tecra S1 IBM ThinkPad T40 Dell Latitude...
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    "Free" Web Designers Read in !!

    i'll think i'll be da one known as "beginners or the ones that want to learn it would get littel penny's horse page " hahhaha :)
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    "Free" Web Designers Read in !!

    hmm i'm interested... sounds kinda good
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    Will do for FREE..FREE...FREE...

    thanks for da comment Vietgurl hehehe
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    Will do for FREE..FREE...FREE...

    hi everyone i am currently studying this Web Design course..and as a major project which i will have to do at the end of my course...and that is i have to create a website for a business/person.... i will create this website for FREE..yes that's right..the site will be created for FREE...
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    Are these guys serious?

    hahha don't think they would get BIG how r they going to manage to get da money to fund all this?
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    Are these guys serious?

    too good to be true non-profitable organisation giving out free hosting? doubt it wondering wat kind of non-profitable organisation they belong to.....hmmmm very very IFFY about them
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    Anyone want to help out with a site like here?

    me myself and i hehehhe u can count that as 1 hehehhe...so am i in or out? :)
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    URL Forwarding -- your domain, I host it.

    how r u manage to do this? did u said u had cable before but now using a 56kb modem? just wondering
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    I Need Help!

    wondering out of those 4 site which one is da best? i mean the most stable etc...
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    $4,$7.95,n $12.95 cheap price for quality hosting,

    hi i'm just advertising for this person that i know Hosting plans that won't burn ya pocket BASIC PLAN 50 MB Disk 5 Gig Traffic 5 Email Domain Name Use your own domain name (e.g. yourname.com) 2 Sub Domain International Domains supported Register (.com .net .org .us.biz .info)...
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    Staff Wanted....

    yeah i would like to know too wat da we get? or is this a kinda hearted free will thing?
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    Need a splash page

    i can make a splash page for ya vietgurl hehhe :p
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    [Thread closed] 300MB, mySQL, SSI, ASP, CGI - all for free.

    yahoo...me got a reply thanks dragon :)
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    PHP host...

    oh people people people...stop arguing...it's was a free host....they coudln't last more than 2days so wat...i guess he did not plan everything..... sure i'm angry cause da search for free host continues for me..but hey...i'm not complaining..cause after all it's free...hehehe if i were...
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    PHP host...

    yeah they went broke huhu hey MN-Carl didn't u before said u were thinking about hosting? wat's going on wit that? ya still thinking about it?
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    Ezzy Online Launches | No Ads Host | FTP | Windows or Unix

    wow is that really yupapa's pic ? hahha yeah....but his host has only been up for less than 2days... and well as far as i know he have only create a couple of accounts...but yeah...someone could of upload some files like that....:(