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    SQL Injection and shell command vulnerability's

    Can anyone give me direction on what these 2 vulnerability's are and what is the easiest way to protect against them. I have thought about surpressing certain characters on input fields. I was hoping for more information.
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    Vista, WinXP. They both drive me crazy!

    I am going nuts! Every time I think I have the best new thing in technology I find that there is something new. Windows is upgrading almost every year. I don't have any idea why I am always behind. I thought of going to Linux but that is also an "ify" for me. The qestions I need awsered are...
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    Boost your Rating

    Anybody know a good way to raise your Rating on the search engines. I heard purchasing a domain for more years rasies it up as well as purchasing traffic blazer and adding more content to your site.
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    Query entries to db in the last week

    Hello, I need to write a query to see the entries added to my database table 'signups' within the last week. Any offers on how to do this?
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    your fav. html editor

    I just wanted to kno what is your all's fav. html editor. Mine fav. is frontpage xp tho it contains some bugs.
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    PHP and CPANEL

    Hello, I have a custom made support ticket system. I want to tie it into cpanel's usernames and passwords. Otherwise I'd have to create usernames and passwords for my ticket system for each individual customer. Anyone ever done this sort of thing? Thanks,
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    Need free template

    I Need Free Web Template
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    is this a decent price?? heeeelp

    AMD Athlon 64 3000+ Up to: 1.0 GB DDR RAM 160.0 GB Hard Disk Capacity 1,500.0 GB Transfer per Month $109.00 is this a good deal? its for a dedicted searver or sumthin... its so i can make and ecommerce site for my business... i am not real big on computer jargeon... so if someone can tell...
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    Dedicated Server with Network around the world.

    I am looking for a good dedicated server hosting which is expanded throughout the world. I have about 10000 unique per day and about 50GB used each day. However my servers are only in Philadelphia, United States right now and I think that takes too long for my visitors to download software...
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    Why cPanel?

    I have seen many customers asking for only cPanel, I wonder why they find cPanel better then any other control panels? What is your opinion on this?