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    looking for a vps

    If you're choosing cPanel by default it comes with FTP, MySQL, Apache and PHP already pre-installed, When you purchased a vps server it already has SSH / Full root access. As far has IRC goes, you're going to have a tough time finding a provider hat allows IRC, and the for SSL and domains, I...
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    BudgetVDS.com - Dual Core Servers & Dual Quad Servers

    Dual Core Servers Intel Atom D510 4 x 1.66 ghz 4GB DDR2 500GB SATA2 10 TB 100 Mbps / 1 Gbps $74/m - In Stock Yes Intel Atom D525 4 x 1.8 ghz 8GB DDR3 250GB SATA2 10 TB 100 Mbps / 1 Gbps $84/mo In Stock Yes Quad Core Servers Intel Core i7 860 8 x 2.8 ghz 8GB DDR3 500GB...
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    ResoldSquad.com - Windows VPS / Linux VPS (US)

    We at Resoldsquad are a group of talented young enthusiasts who are keen to provide a decent & reasonable virtual private server hosting service. The experience and the work ethics are the key factors on which we have belief that any of our customer won't be disappointed or forlorn about...
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    BuzzVoip.us - Tollfree & Local Numbers starting at $14.95 a month

    BuzzVOIP/ResoldVPS is proud to announce we've launched our very own phone services. We're offering Basic Phone Services, Toll Free Numbers, and Fax Numbers. If you've any question about any of our service listed below please submit a support ticket to our sales department - Submit Ticket...
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    Beware of JohnnyD - He a Scammer

    I'm posting this on Behalf of another provide but Johnny did do this with us we were able to recovering the stolen funds howevery he did it again with another hosting provider we know.
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    Beware of JohnnyD - He a Scammer

    This kid is a scammer he continue to ask you for job once you hire him as staff he being to complete pesk you like annoying pecking bird once you give him a higher staff position he'll scam you by accessing your PayPal accounts then sending money to his own accounts. Once he complete he request...
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    Looking for VPS in Netherlands

    This is incorrect he wouldn't need offshore server just to host a photogallery. Howevery he can host his photogallery in the USA if he wanted aslong as he complies with any DMCA notice received about copyrighted images then removes the copyrighted image he will be fine. I do see he required a...
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    Looking for windows VPS

    I can offer you the following WIN Special Offer 512MB- Disk Space : 35 Gb of Hard Drive Ram : 512Mb of Memory Data Transfer : 750 Gb CPU : One Core " E6520 OR Dual-X5450 OR Dual-E5405" OS: We've Windows 2003 Enterprise, Windows 2003 Standard, Windows 2003 Web, Windows Server 2008...
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    Hostcliff.com Accquired by ShackServers

    ShackServers is proud to announce that we've acquired the domain HostCliff.com. :cool2:
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    free host for using rapid leech script

    Is this a USA Server? If he put you on an onshore server rapidleech can be used only for legal use can't be used to download pirated content that mostly depends on his webhosting provider. If he put you on an Offshore server then rapidleech can be used for legal or illegal use then again this...
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    ShackServers.com | Remote Backups

    Secure Offsite Backups Brought to you by ShackServers.com By placing your backups on our backup cluster you can rest easy knowing that in the event of a disaster, your data is safe. Our backup servers are located in Atlanta, GA and Secaucus, NJ. Our Remote Backup Plans Small - Order Now -...
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    WHMSonic License Instant Activation

    ShackServers is an Authorized WHMSonic License resellers. What is WHMSonic Shoutcast Admin Pro? WHMSonic is a popular WHM/cPanel plugin, intended on making your life easier. WHMSonic's plugins install in seconds and allows you to offer Shoutcast streaming media, Auto DJ, radio reseller from...
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    Hosting-Shack.com Unmanaged VPS Servers

    Wanting to learn more about our VPS Package offered below are on our website. Please email our Sales Team at sales@shackservers.com or visit our Live support. Phone verification is required this is done by are automatic system to prevent fraud orders Developers Series VPS - To Learn more...
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    Free Shared Hosting/Resellers Hosting

    Thanks for the kind words PM me your old cPanel username you had with us I do've backups of accounts from August 21st, 09 I had to close down hosting-shack for awhile to regain budget after the Google adsense were fraud click by an unknown person. We've a new feature called cpsync which allows...
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    Free Shared Hosting/Resellers Hosting

    There is no monthly posting required telephone verification is required if you're unable to provide a telephone number signup after you've signup just submit a support ticket to us we'll active your account. Shared Hosting Plans - http://hosting-shack.com/hosting.html SWH-1 (17 Available)...
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    Is this host a scam?

    How's that abusing your staff if a simple question like how many server do you've online abuse towards your staff. I don't think it's a harm to disclose that information of how many server you got online there are plenty of host we're willing to say how many server they got online.
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    Is this host a scam?

    I would stay away after submitting a ticket to there support about there staff I was banned from socall abusing there staff. You'll get banned for asking to many question I consider this host is overselling he doesn't have enough servers I'm guessing it's only a 1 hosting provider you won't get...
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    WHMPHP Master Reseller License

    Use Promotion Code: 50WHMPHP to get 50% off your WHMPHP License limited time offer only. Offer Expires: June 25, 2010 Pay Only $2.63 USD Today.
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    WHMPHP Master Reseller License

    Use the coupon below you'll only be paying $4.73 today to get started Use the promotion code 10WHMPHP an get 10% off the cost of the license only applies to Monthly License. Offer Expires: June 14, 2010 We're only accepting Payments from PayPal & Alertpay at this time
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    WHMPHP Master Reseller License

    We're now accepting AlertPay & Liberty Reserve has payment methods :)