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    Homestead news

    I don't know. They're also saying that a free account will be limited to 3 pages. And they're talking about charging around $10 a month for 25 MB of space. For that money you can get straight up web hosting with a lot more space than that. Don't they check these things, or what?
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    Free Mailing List Providers

    If you have access to PHP there's one at http://php.warpedweb.net/ that's very easy to set up and run. I'm using in one one site now and so far it's great. You only need PHP - no database.
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    I registered a personal name I didn't really need for anything, just to see what it was like. I couldn't stand the blinking adds in the Namezero bar..never really used it. I don't recall what exactly they said about the service when I signed up. Seems to me that the implication was that the...
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    Does anyone know if anything happened to them? I have a chatroom from them and haven't been able to access the toolzone domain for about a day. And if something did happen to them does anyone have a recommendation for a free chatroom? Our lowest common denominator is probably WebTV, which would...
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    Lunarpages.com, try it out!

    Hey, Max, do you really think you'll be around a while? Somewhat in your present form? I'm looking for a place to put a friend's wedding stuff after NBCI shuts them down. Also, maybe some personal stuff of my own. Ads are not so bad. Pop-ups would be very bad, though.
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    How is bravenet.com

    Bravenet has some downtime like everything else. Overall it's reliable, though. I use the mailing list for a couple of accounts and it works well for me.
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    I have a site on Worldzone.net and one on Worldzonepro.net. I'm happy. The switch from one noc to another was a bit rocky but it's done now. Speed is good, support is excellent.
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    what after domainzero?

    My Domainzero name wound up with ehost and I asked them to unlock it and they did. I haven't transferred the registration as yet, though.
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    Remotely-hosted Message boards...

    http://www.remoteforums.com/ is doing very well by me at the moment. It's a YaBB. It's new, who knows, but at the moment they're giving very personalized service.
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    Opinions, please?

    This might not be the best place to put this, so feel free to move it. I just wanted pick some brains here. I have a site on Red Rival. It gets no traffic and I don't have time at the moment to do much to develop it, but I don't really want to kill it altogether. As I'm sure everyone knows, Red...
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    Is there are way to make your images smaller?

    Fireworks does a great job of optimizing images.
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    Social Reject dot net ???

    Only if they feel like it, I'd assume.:)
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    How to check POP3 Email From Webbased account?

    http://www.mailstart.com also works.
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    Social Reject dot net ???

    I like their attitude. And they can spell there. I wish I needed free web space right now.
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    Fed up with WorldZone...

    The free version has browser based upload through a file manager.
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    Is there any ad-free message board ?

    1fx.org was kind of an extra domain that was pointed at this page: http://www.dockingport.net/free-resources/ They're still offering the board, although they don't appear to be using that domain any longer.
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    f2s.com and Web Caching

    This was something special at F2s in my experience. Lots of people were having the problem - although not all in the same way, it seems. I update sites on several hosts. This didn't occur except on F2s. And the changes didn't show up on other computers, not just mine.
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    f2s.com and Web Caching

    Mmmm...but that's for browser cache. This is a different animal, I think.
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    f2s.com and Web Caching

    Had the problem bigtime. I didn't try Opera, but it wasn't a browser problem at all for me. I uploaded files, nothing showed up and when I came into work the next day and checked on this computer the changes still didn't show up. I have my browsers set not to cache pages anyway, and normally...
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    Is there any ad-free message board ?

    At the moment there's a free Ikonboard at http://www.1fx.org How long that's going to last in its present form is anyone's guess, of course. Right now they're providing it free to promote their paid web hosting.