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    izfree.com down..why?

    It's also down for me !
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    cPanel/whm Signup Script?

    I got same problem fixed it : Just some minor changes on f2h.php on mudules/ changing SELECT * FROM 'php_ by SELECT * FROM 'yourprefixe_ It's as simple as this .. I got it working now and use it .. same case from CPcreator (a version of THT or maybe THT is a version of it )
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    Would anyone be interested in forming a partnership (sponsor a server)

    Unlimited Hosting, do you like ? (the one on www.kvchosting.com)
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    New Forum ! But about what ?

    Hello everyone, I surfed the net these days (about monetization) and believe it or not, the primary source of revenue for webmasters is advertising on the forums, the forums in the first place which is the primary source of a website attractive and bringing great success! To do this I...
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    Should I?

    If you want something better, what don't use Cpanel, i use it when offering free hosting and it's the better, i do also use WITH it the hosting tool (free) to manage accounts which very secured and easy to use.
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    need free host for a small torrent tracker site

    Wi offer 1.5 Gb Disk Space and 10 Gb Bandwidth.
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    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    the largest .. but to what for ?
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    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    we have simply to put nothing ?
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    Free Domain Name & Hosting will Great qualities

    Yes, there were some BAD errors in our Management Panel, we did installed a new one clean of errors and very simple to use you can simply get into it from http://cp.eggheadhosting.com :evilb:
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    Free Domain Name & Hosting will Great qualities

    When you say things like free domain, you can be sure that you will get 100 more clients, and be sure of about 50% of them will ceratinly register a free account ;)
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    nixism.com || True why there cheap

    If you want real recommandation, get a reseller from KVCHosting.com, i'm with them, trully good !
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    Money back question

    They say that they don't give money back .. can you explain what you did to get it back ?
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    Startup Tips for Reseller Hosting

    It's really something that enjoy the webmaster and possibly good source of revenues but also a webmaster soulf know how to adminstrate it ! If i did continued using FHM in my Reseller account i would be the last one in Webhost providers ! It's not easy job and neither easy to admin, anyone who...
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    Free Domain Name & Hosting will Great qualities

    Yes we do not creat the domains, it's just a referall, and like not pretty much persons know .co.cc, we do insert a link to register on it before registring with us ;)
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    If your Parent Host Copmany stops answering?

    Are you talking about 1&1 or HostGator ? Because it happened to me once wit both .. Now i'm with KVCHosting.com .. until now, the best ..
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    Free site submission to 150 diff search engines

    It's a really good tool ! Thank's for sharing it !
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    Little advice needed

    There is also Oxado. CPM into it is very high.
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    Stopping Chrome?

    Yes, with javascript, you can get a script that capt user browser and if it's chrome he tell him to donwload something else and came back. He would maybe block them because his website is not CSS2.0 and W3C validated and not showing up good on Chrome !
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    Free Domain Name & Hosting will Great qualities

    Hi everyone, Here is the new package that my company offers. Main Features > Disk Space 1500 Mb > Monthly Bandwidth 10000 Mb > Cpanel 11 Yes > Free Hosting Manager 2.0 1 Credit > Fantastico Yes > RVSite Builder Pro Yes > Virus Scanner Yes Mail...