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    How to handle over heating ?

    Adding more fans would help with the cooling of your computer, but the cleaning and maintaining your computer clean is necessarily and the most important thing to combat the over heating, you can also add dust filters to. Another note would be that you change the thermal paste of your cpu once...
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    How to connect existing hosting account with new domain?

    You need to update the hosting package by providing there what domain you will use with it and you also need to add an A record with the ip of your site to the domain records.
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    Hard drive makes loud buzzing noise on start-up?

    You could check your hard drive by using some free tools, search for "Hirens Boot CD". Hirens Boot CD is a boot disk utility which comes with a lot of software for diverse needs and does not require installation.
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    cheap domain registration under $3

    Can you link your visa credit card to paypal/skrill ? If you can link it, then you can use paypal/skrill to pay your bills and you will not have to worry about credit card not being accepted.
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    What phone service provider do you use? Do you like them?

    I am using vodafone and orange, is not that I like this 2 companies but this is what my friends and family use, although I was thinking to get my 3rd phone number with a different company.
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    Any other free domain email services left?

    While there is nothing wrong in using a free domain mail I would not consider them if you need them for a business, you should look for a paid service instead or set up your own if you have the tools and knowledge to do it on a vps or dedicated server if you use it for business purpose (I say...
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    Looking for reseller hosting

    You can also buy from yourself. You mentioned that you have an account with resellerclub, it will not come cheap but would be probably best for you until you can find a cheaper company with quality services at lower price.
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    Testing testing

    If there was something to show you that you have posted on x thread while you can not see your posts or waiting for approval would help a lot.
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    What do you use the most for using internet, Mobile or Laptop?

    When I am at home I always use the desktop computer for everything, I use mobile and laptop only when I am not at home.
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    Which hosting will be good for an e commerce website, Dedicated or VPS web Hosting?

    Well I would say shared hosting if you start fresh and upgrade to VPS when your website outgrows what a shared hosting offers you, anyway to answer your question I would say the VPS.
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    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    I would post something but it seems none of my posts are actually going to make it trough.
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    Which is the good paid web hosting place

    What kind of hosting are you looking for? Maybe we can provide you with something that will fit your needs if you are looking for a dedicated server or vps.
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    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    +1 forum poster longer now xD
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    Hello everyone, My name is Adrian and i am one of the staff admins on AlienServers.Net
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    Is anyone still using anything below Windows XP?

    The only one who could use some version of windows under XP would be some a company i think. I knew a publicity company that needed windows 98 because the program was not supported in any version of windows that was about windows 98 and they had no choice but to stick with that windows. The...