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    Ripped off my site

    I'd be inclined to place a notice on your site home page declaring that there is an imposter copying your site, and warning your visitors not to confuse yours with his... But be careful with how you word it, even if you think he's a jerk - be polite, show your manners, and stay safe from...
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    Please HELP!

    Definitely site number 2. It has a "fresh" look... Nick.
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    what I hate about here..

    Spam is Spam, guys... Marketing is feeding info to a targeted audience. There is a BIG difference! Nick.
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    International Law Issue

    I would be very cautious on this one... "English law (specifically defamation, libel, " That sounds like someone has done some research. This can transcend international boundaries! Take the safe option... change the names to aviod pointing directly at the guilty people, and hint. Nick.
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    Gun that fires 16 THOUSAND rounds a SECOND!!!

    That thing scares the poop out of me! And I thought the next generation of weaponry would be laser fire... This is one hell of a scary world we live in! Nick.
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    Stroke gives woman foreign accent

    I've got a similar complaint... I lose the power of coherent speech nearly every Saturday - just after midnight usually - but its nothing to do with a stroke!!! Nick.
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    need help

    Austina, There is no way for someone to take shots of you on your web cam unless you were posing in front of it. You are dealing with a very corrupt person here. Go directly to yahoo and make a complaint - stating very clearly what has been said to you in your correspondence. This is a serious...
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    You're just being a bunch of meanies... 50 posts should be enough.
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    Firefox...you know you want it

    Why not use both? Especially when up-grading your web site. They run on the same Pc no probs... Nick.
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    Two sites for critisism...

    Had a bit of a re-vamp and could use a bit of feed-back. Both sites are in my sig. Any decent advice welcomed. Nick.
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    Would you be interested in a short free email service with a two letter domain ?

    Numaia, You may find Gmail loads quickly, but mine takes ages! I'm in the UK, by the way - if that makes a difference... Might be interesred in a new mail system, just as a spam dump! Nick.
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    You don't say which country you are in... Would ClickBank operate where you are? Nick.
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    ideas... still

    Plenty of free advice on the net if you look hard enough... (Koopa mentioned tutorials...) Nick
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    Insane optical illusion.

    If you like optical tricks try this site... http://www.michaelbach.de/ot/index.html ...made my brain spin! lol Have fun... Nick.
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    Nick from Newstead, UK.

    :beer: :beer: Hi everyone. Just a quick note... I'm into home based biz, and garden design. Love to play with water & waterfeatures... Will freely share info on any of the above... Nick.