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    I am looking for a free host with the following: 1. No Add's 2. 20 Megs 3. MySQL Database 4. PHP Support I have tried F2S and thier servers SUCK now. Please help.
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    My Programs I am a program developer( AKA programer ) and I am starting my own company but I don't have very much "get off the ground" money. Wil
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    All I am looking for is Perl/PHP/SQL/ASP and ftp transfer. Perl/PHP for a message board and the SQL for the database and I am learning asp so...
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    =) Big is umm maby 3 meg files and Lots is maby 20-30 megs =) p.s. please give me a host =)
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    Let me see if I can explain it better What i need is a free web hosting service with ASP, SQL, PHP, PERL, and FTP. I would like it to have no ad's. I would also like it to have atlease 5 to 10 Megs of space. I am also going to need a free hosting company(i don't care what they have) for my...
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    I am looking for a free host that suports ASP, SQL, PHP, FTP, and Perl with no ad's. Also maby 5-10 Megs of space. If it is 5-10 megs of space then I need a free host that has lots of space. I need space for my program's. Thanks in advance. Wil
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    3 Questions

    1 of 3: Ok, i need someone to tell me if thier is a VERY good server that has no add's has over 15 megs and a cgi-bin? 2 of 3: If none know's of one other than f2s, someone think of another name that would sound good. Somthing along the lines of CyberTec. 3 of 3: I need someone to make me a...