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    Yeah, it would be interesting to see if someone was able to get in touch with him...
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    Hi guys, Is there anyone who happen to know Danny's (leyther) telephone number? We would need to discuss something urgently with him.
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    Has anyone tried a VPS yet?

    Also, I thought I'd clarify something else about VPS technology as well: Some customers need a lot of resources. We have servers with only 2 VPS accounts on it, so basically 2 customers share the same server. I assume that's what you would call semi dedicated, but keep in mind you are still...
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    Has anyone tried a VPS yet?

    I'm just wondering, how do you define semi-dedicated? There's no such thing really. Are you referring to a dedicated server split up in multiple pieces? If so: that is also a VPS. A VPS can have just about any size really. We even have VPS accounts running with like 4GB ram each (per VPS) for...
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    Has anyone tried a VPS yet?

    VPS is much more powerful than a reseller account (let alone shared) and it doesn’t have that many boundaries at all. You can do almost anything that you would do with a dedicated server ("almost" is because you can't recompile kernel for example – not that you need though), so you can just...
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    Has anyone tried a VPS yet?

    I was wondering how many of you have a VPS (Virtual Private Server). Does who have it, will you share your experience with us? How many of you worked on one and how many of you did not? Is there anyone who is not familiar with the VPS technology and is browsing this forum? Cheers, Milovan
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    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    Woah, now there's a big thread :)
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    what wrong with .tk domains?

    It's good if you don't have money to buy a domain name, for everything else - keep away from it.
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    Bracelet Store

    The whole site is... a bit 1999 (sorry). Put all text in divs and center them. If I were you, I would remove that flash, really no need for that. Navigation at top, put a color 'on hover' on those links if you're not going to underline them. Not much of a design that could be commented though..
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    Hi everyone

    Is there something I'm not aware of? :rolleyes2 Enlighten me.
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    Is Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 the best?

    For some reason, I tend to use Dreamweaver MX over MX 2004. Oh, please note: make sure not to work much with PHP and dreamweaver, they just don't tend to love each other (believe me). Overall, Dreamweaver is by far better than FrontPage, so I'd say you've made a good choice.
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    Hi everyone

    Just wanted to make my first post by saying 'hello' to the whole community :wink2: Cheers, Milovan