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  1. Damoose

    Help me 1000 Uniques a day

    Me too, 58 posts a day... Hmmm :)
  2. Damoose

    Review my website: tadej-ivan.50webs.com

    It is very nice and clean, but it is hard to differentiate between the content at the google ads... Not sure if this is how you want it though? But if not try just adding a slighlty grey coloured background to the ads!
  3. Damoose

    Very new gaming site!

    Same here
  4. Damoose

    Accessing CPanel through university proxy..

    Thanks Snat, I will more than likely use that. Traderonline - I would rather not use regular proxies because I don't want to be breaking the networks TOS. By installing CPanelProxy it looks like more of a server modification than a doing on my behalf.
  5. Damoose

    Adult hosting and the law

    I would have thought it was like that, thanks for the clarification!
  6. Damoose

    Adult hosting and the law

    That sounds like a good style of practice, but a webmaster could just add new models without USC2257 and the host wouldnt know any different. I am sure though the hosting company would not be held liable, because adult hosts would be far too risky to open!
  7. Damoose

    <* Two Exclusive Designs For Sale *>

    Can I just say that they are stunning designs :)
  8. Damoose

    Sedo Parking Program is also Fraud

    So who is number one?
  9. Damoose

    Accessing CPanel through university proxy..

    Thankyou anyways, will just have to carry on getting others to access my CPanel for me..
  10. Damoose

    Domain appraisal

    And another of my domains that is for sale gets $7000+
  11. Damoose

    Domain appraisal

    If that Leapfish is anything to go by my site (which will not sell) is worth $4004. I wish someone would give me that for it.
  12. Damoose

    Domain Whois Privacy

    That is the sole reason I register my domains with registerfly.com - each domain registration comes with free protectFLY!
  13. Damoose

    Accessing CPanel through university proxy..

    Hello all, Well I am in university halls of residence and they have blocked the ports needed to access CPanel, I was wondering if there is a way to access CPanel even though they are blocked, or if there are other ways of carrying out the same tasks (mainly dealing with mySQL) without using the...
  14. Damoose

    What do you eat?

    Lunch is usually a salad with all the usual + chopped ham, thinly sliced cheese, seeds and ceaser dressing.. It may sound like aload of healthy crap, but it's really good. Or if that's a bit too rabbity, try bagels or wraps with the filling of your choice?
  15. Damoose

    Drugs with audio?

    Ah yes, I know that :)
  16. Damoose

    Drugs with audio?

    The I-dose is illegal? Or did you mean downloaded doses? I know that yes, I plan on paying for my doses..
  17. Damoose

    Drugs with audio?

    Ah its ok now, found it ;)
  18. Damoose

    Drugs with audio?

    The site you posted on the other forum didnt work.. I really need drug files...
  19. Damoose

    Rather Offtopic - Deterministic Grammars..

    I am trying to turn this grammar into a deterministic one and I just cant do it.. Anyone do these things? S -> IF B THEN S ENDIF; | SS | A | P A -> I = E; I -> char(char)* E -> digit | E + E | I P -> PRINT I; B -> TRUE | FALSE | E < E Pretty please...
  20. Damoose

    Companyreviews.net for sale...

    I am a bit confused as to what you mean? Basically it is worth nothing? I am aware it might be not even worth $5, but its worth a try, I am doing nothing with the domain..