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    OS continously Crashing

    i recently got some new (cheap) ram that made my system sooo unstable that i couldn't run more than 1 window at a time! i got a refund and will be sticking with my HP ram until i get a new pc.
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    latest codec? Please help.

    nimo codecs work great with win98. google "nimo codec" and get it from his site. no virus or anything
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    Hottest chick?

    those english accents are sooo sexya rent they? anyway, baby was the hottest spice girl (plus 10 extra pounds)
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    Burning CDs

    get a crossfading plugin for winamp and use that.
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    Free Secondary DNS ?

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    Free SMS......

    this is a little off-topic, but if you're in sydney and have a nokia 51xx, 61xx or 32xx, then head over to paddy's market (flemington) on sunday. i got myself a data cable for $10. now i dont need crappy online services for ringtones/logos. you can also unlock phones, save your phonebook and do...
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    Free SMS......

    thanks guys. i dont need it anymore. logos are stored on the phone, not the sim. so i put a friend's sim in my phone and used their account. eg your friend is with vodafone, you're with telstra 1. put your firends' sim in your phone 2. log into bsf, change their settings to telstra 3...
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    My best friend is moving to Australia, what should he know?

    you look at anyone the wrong way and you'll get whooped. their race has got nothing to do with it.
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    Free SMS......

    this is kinda off topic... but any free sites out there that let me send a custom logo to my phone? that is, other than blueskyfrog
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    My best friend is moving to Australia, what should he know?

    if he's muslim or lebanese, warn him that there's heaps of racism going out against these people (especially in sydney)
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    Any one got a console?

    my amiga cd32 is still going hard! ive also got a megadrive (or what u people call a genesis)
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    JWDX haxored??

    shoot! sorry for leaving the ip address in. what was i thinking?!?
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    JWDX haxored??

    I get this when i load up my domain. but the supposed new ip is a page for.. well, an adult site. YUK! removed it :mad:
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    aussie beer taskes like crap. it's not as bad as guiness (which is more like licking a bumhole than a beer), but gimme a bacardi&coke anyday..
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    Post a poll for Turkey!!!

    withdraw from cyprus first, then ask.
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    hey chicos!

    thanks. i was so wasted on saturday...:D
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    Best Alternative to Outlook

    try express plus. it's very similar to oulook express, without being a target for a load of viruses http://www.isbister.com/express-plus-email.asp
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    Favourite console?

    still using my Amiga cd32. damn it's good! :D
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    Your own South Park mini-you

    this would be as close to me as you could get on that thing.
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    Fifa WorldCup 2002 results [Take 2]

    i remember there being quite a few different versions of the ronaldo fit / food poisoning / etc story. i reckon they caught him on drugs and FIFA forced him not to play or else he'd be exposed.