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    Yahoo! Domains

    thanks for all the posts. I've called Yahoo Billing Department. They said they will help me cancel my account and refund me that amount. :angel:
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    Yahoo! Domains

    Hello.. I've recently transferred my domain name from Yahoo! registrar to Name LLC registrar. I did not know that i have to cancel my plan after i successfully transfer my domain to Name LLC. I was recently charged 39.99USD for that domain renewal by Yahoo. Is it possible to ask for a refund...
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    reseller request

    hehe thanks for the rephrase ;D
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    reseller request

    Hello, Isn't the DNS Management tool be found only in WHM and not in CPanel?
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    reseller request

    Hello everybody! :wave: I've kinda missed Glacierhost because they have been doing quite a good job. Recently, the server had some problem and all files were gone. Kinda upset, luckily i had a backup which was a few weeks old.. I had a linkback with them, through wordpress's blogroll for a...
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    DirectAdmin panel for IRC Network

    Hello, I'm currently looking for a DirectAdmin panel so that i can set up an IRC Network website asap, and at the same time use the DNS Management on DirectAdmin. This is roughly what i need, tell me if you can provide more: - 1gb webspace - 10gb bw I can put a text link back at the...
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    free hosting for blog

    Hi, i'm finding a freehost with no force-ads, but i can put a short text link on my footer. Here's what i wanted: - CPanel 11 - 500mb space - 5 email accounts - Able to host a wordpress blog - FTP access - No Ads - No postings - Small text link on my blog's footpage I've a domain...
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    Free Instant Hosting - 5 GB Space - 50 GB Bandwidth - PHP/MySQL

    is there any file size limit on upload?
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    Free hosting for forum posting | 3GB Space 50GB Bandwidth | Cpanel 11

    great host. i've been using it for the past few months ;)
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    (Promotion 2)Free Hosting|No Ads|Cpanel 11|1GB Space|10GB Bandwidth

    - Full Name: Jon Muller - Email Address: noobivity@gmail.com - Username: cvnleong - Domain: noobivity.com - Language: English - website description: education portal for junior schools - Agree to link back and accept the rules? Yes
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    sponser for CPanel webhosting with no ads

    I will be the person who will be writing notes for the portal, which is some kinda hardwork. I need to earn something ;) Furthermore, if you aren't accepting this, you should NOT be replying to my thread. :tired2:
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    sponser for CPanel webhosting with no ads

    Hello again. Sorry to let you midunderstood what i said earlier on, on my first post on this thread. I was saying i wanted unlimited email address, so i could give my members a free email address if they request for it, and NOT a webhost account for the others. As i said, it will be an...
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    sponser for CPanel webhosting with no ads

    Hello, I'm requesting for a sponser of a webhost, without Advertisements of any form. I will be using it to developing an education and technological portal. Here are the details: - CPanel - 1gb web space - high b/w for future usage - unlimited email accounts (if possible, or 500) - 10...
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    Free Hosting from Powerhosting123.com

    very confusing free webhosting packages. contridiction detected! i saw this in your forum: You MUST have : 10 posts for PH_Plan_1 30 posts for PH_Plan_2 100 posts for PH_Plan_3
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    mail server hostname?

    Nope. I think you misunderstood.. Domain control panel is the place where i can change my locking, MX, and NS. The cPanel i'm referring to, is the place i manage my webhosts, etc.. I'll try the method Cerb responded. Lets see if it works :lol:
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    mail server hostname?

    Thanks for the reply :-) I tried the different methods to post the mail. As you said, php mail, sendmail, etc.. I still can't get it sent to some email addresses, like lycos or hotmail.. It won't be secure enough if an email verification was not set, as bots can flood the registration...
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    My review on: Clicksor

    i stopped using clicksor a few months ago, because i saw some undesirable adverts on my page.. :cry2:
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    mail server hostname?

    i tried it. but it doesnt send to the users still..
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    mail server hostname?

    hello.. i've a problem here: i installed e107 on a webhost, and i cannot get my webserver to email users their verification code after they register on my portal. i've asked the e107 live support team, and they said it's due to my configuration of my mailserver on the webhost or domain...
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    Does your mail get stolen

    ahh Singapore is so safe. no mail lost for me. not even in the future i can foresee.