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    New Look!

    I'm loving the new theme! It's very clean, and very refreshing. :-) Chris
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    Need some help.

    Interesting idea. Good luck, Travis. :wink2: Chris
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    New Gmail feature?

    Wow, I've never really noticed that feature. :-) Thanks for bringing it to our attention! Chris
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    My newest site design - please review it

    Pretty cool design. :cool2: If anything, I would use a different font, but it would like fine either way. Chris
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    Let's get acquainted My name is Tomas!

    I'm Chris, and welcome to FWS. :cool2: Chris
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    If glow stick fluid gets in your mouth..

    The fluid used is non-toxic, so don't worry. :-) It may cause a little pain, but it won't seriously injure you. Chris
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    Hey, welcome to FWS! :-) Chris
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    Review my site

    May I ask why you felt the need to remove the Joomla copyright information? You've lost a decent amount of respect from me, and I refuse to review your Joomla-powered website. Chris
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    Hi, my name is ...

    Welcome to FWS! :-) Chris
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    Eqoz.com Web Hosting Company Review

    I'm also impressed! :-) It's one of the first Joomla powered websites that looks, well, fantastic. The logo looks great (I love the "eq" graphic), and the page is just cleanly coded + well organized in general. Nice job! Chris
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    Owner of FWS?

    Oh, most definitely. :lol: Chris
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    Owner of FWS?

    :P Chris
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    VB logo

    Well, where do you want to place the logo? Chris
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    Which CMS is nice to be used?

    Well, I've always found both Joomla and Mambo to be very, very similar (in fact, *almost* identical in terms of features + look). Drupal is also nice, but it's not as user-friendly. If you are looking for a CMS that has a cool, user-friendly interface (and easy integration with forum software)...
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    Please review Space-network

    Both the main website and the /scripts directory loaded for me this morning, but they're not right now. I'll try again later. :-) Chris
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    New Logo

    Yeah, not really a fan of that logo. To be honest, it looks like it was whipped up in a rush. :confused5 Chris
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    INVIHO - Free hosting site review

    Very professional-looking design! :-) I love the overall color scheme, and the use of graphics and/or stock images is fantastic (not too many, not too few). Nice job! Chris
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    Please review!

    I like the overall layout and feel of the design, but the logo could use some work. IMO, it looks like it was created in a rush, therefore, giving it a "rough and rugged" appearance. The font used for WebHostForce.com is alright, but you may want to consider changing that, as well. Also, you may...
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    Hi From Maksa

    Welcome to FWS! :-) Chris
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    Safari for Windows!

    Yup, I'm sticking with IE, as well. :-) Safari offers a few nice features, but IMO, the UI is horrible (it doesn't have any character), and the features offered with it are just "decent". It's really not that special (as I said before, IMO). Chris