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    Trick or treat..

    Sent you an email. Or you can PM me here. Looking forward to hearing from you.
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    Decon Systems Problems Sorted - Operations Are Go! - www.deconsystems.co.uk/hosting

    Tried just now and got => SMTP server 'relay.xav.com:25' did not respond properly to the 'Welcome' command; expected '220' response, received '554'; full text: '554- has not been authenticated to relay mail 554 Connect to your mailbox before sending mail via this relay '.
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    Free unlimited and forever! [If you transfer/purchase domain for $10.30]

    That's a good offer. But I am curious about one thing. You said that before applying for a free account one must transfer a domain to you. However, where's the instructions/info on tranferring?
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    100% Ad FREE Free Hosting with CPANEL

    I understand bandwidth is expensive but 100 m per month is too little I think. 500m is probably what I would consider.
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    Very dumb question re: SSI from newbie

    Okay - that's it. I renamed the calling file to end with ".shmtl" and it worked! Thanks for taking the time to help - I really appreciate it. I am sure it's something stupid I am doing but I am just stumped right now! Sigh - I hate being a confused newbie :( Why is it that the ssi...
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    Very dumb question re: SSI from newbie

    Hi - I know this is such an elementary question but before I email my web space provider may be there's a simple answer: Anyway, I have been using tripd and using ssi what I do is put this in the html <!--#include file="leftbar.shtml"--> and then create a leftbar.shtml Well a...
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    6 free accounts, limited time only

    Just wondering - what was the criteria for choosing the members? I was assuming that it was going to be on a first-come first-serve basis and I notice that ARTMS posted a couple of hours after I did (and I sent you an email when I post). Like I said, I am just curious more than anything thing...
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    6 free accounts, limited time only

    I am interested also. I emailed you via the email facility on this board. Thanks.
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    Totally Ad Free 100mb

    If it is still available, I am interested! Thanks! celestialdeal@yahoo.com
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    I saw an ad for http://www.worldtarget.com advertising 1-yr domain registeration for .com/.net/.org for $7.95. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with it. Thanks!
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    share my hosting?

    Just sent you an email via freewebspace.net - also PM'ed - just in case :)
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    share my hosting?

    Sent you an email
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    Looking for ultra-ultra-ultra inexpensive host

    I am not holding out much hope here but figure I would try because I know I am not able to afford that much. I would like to pay less than $12 a year. In exchange, I would like to have the following features: storage - 50 megs + bandwidth - 2 gig + per month CGI Prefer ftp but I can...
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    ISO 20mgs, domain support, 1g bandwidth, CGI ...

    Thanks ugz - I need domain name hosting and it looks like none of them offer that. May be I need to read more closely. Moonman - I thought Netfirms is for business use only or has pop-ups? Thanks all - going to check all of them out now! And if any other have a suggestion, please post...
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    ISO 20mgs, domain support, 1g bandwidth, CGI ...

    My site is on freeservers.com (yeah - I know :)). It's on a classic television show and looks like traffic is building up and 500 megs bandwidth per month is soon going to be insufficient. I am about to do a redesign of the whole site and figure this is probably a good time to think about...