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    55+ Extremely Useful Online Generators for Designers (FREE)

    Web Based Online Generators are helpful to designers and webmasters. Usually when you look, you will find a single list containing one type of online generators. Well I have decided to make them all together and provide you with a grand list. This list include: Background Generators, Misc...
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    Expansion Theme releasd for phpLD 3.3 and 2.1.2 with a matchin WP Blog

    Expansion is a theme releasd for both Wordpress and phpLD. It is released for phpLD version 3.3 and 2.1.2 and Wordpress (Latest edition). This theme is designed by Uzzz Productions and is released by the courtesy of Genuine Web Directory and Balkhis Inc. We tried to make this theme a combo...
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    Your guide for smart advertising

    When bloggers really start, many people don't have much budget to promote. My question is Do you need money for Advertising? The question i ask is very debateable. Do you need money for advertising? Well you can go either way and it is possible that you are successful. But what is successful...
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    Legend, Free WP Theme

    Legend is a free wordpress theme supported by Balkhis and Deep Link Listing and designed by Uzzz Productions. TOS is simple. Leave the links intact and it is all going to work. View Live Demo at: http://www.legend.balkhis.com To Downlaod the template Visit: Balkhis Enjoy.
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    Exclusion - Free tableless w3 Valid phpLD template with wp theme

    Hello all, yes i have created another free tableless phpLD template on behalf of Genuine Paid Web Directory. This template is sponsored by Madmouse Web Directory I won't do much talking here as i explained how this template have more features than the other templates. Read it on my...
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    Discount at Genuine Paid Directory - PR 5 and alexa of 43k - inner pr also

    Well update is near and i just got the coupon mod from YIAM, This is your chance to get your sites listed in Genuine Paid Directory Discounts is applicable for both featured and regular listings. Featured listings coupon - featured10 << 10$ off from featured Regular listings...
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    First Ever Tableless Template for phpLD (Free) - W3 Valid ....

    Yes like the title says, This Outofthebox template is tableless and for phpLD. I have removed the tables in main.tpl and other files to make it completely tableless and seo friendly. I believe this is the first free template which have this feature. I knew many wanted this feature...
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    Templement Template for Free (All phpLD Versions and Wordpress)

    hey fellas, i am very proud to say that i have coded my second wordpress template. Genuine Paid Directory is proud to announce Templement Template for all versions of phpLD and matching wordpress also. This release was sponsored by Paid Directory Preview of the template...
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    Cooperation Template - free for all phpLD Versions (3 Column XHTML VALID)

    Hey fellas, i am not going to say much here other than introduce the template here. I wrote a detail page on the Genuine Paid Directory Blog which i would like you to read. COOPERATION TEMPLATE is here This template is released on behalf of Genuine Paid Directory and it was...
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    ProDir Template released for all phpLD versions

    Genuine Paid Directory is proud to announce the release of Pro-Dir Template for all versions of phpLD. This Template is sponsored by Bid Directory Demo: http://www.prodir.idk.in To Download this template visit here if you like our templates please support us by...
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    Css Template for phpLD (all versions) [Xhtml Valid w3 validated]

    Hi guys Genuine Paid Directory is proud to announce CSS Template for 3 versions of phpLD. This template is proudly sponsored by Make A Search - Directory. This template is for version 2.1 / 3.0.6 / 3.1.x One of the special thing that this template is completely xhtml valid and is...
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    Gdat Template (The Last one in G-Series) - Free, Free, Free

    hi fellas, i have made another template for phpLD which is proudly sponsored by LinkLister UK Directory. I am not going to talk alot in here, but if you want to see why i decided to end the G-Series review the article at Genuine Paid Directory Blog The template is fulled with...
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    Genuine Paid Directory (New mods, Brand New features, submit now)

    hi guys i have been promoting www.idk.in lately To add into the service i have added couple of mods. One of my most favorite, extra deep link mods, also the detail page now contains alot of information about your site. to see a preview of a detail page view here -...
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    Gtag Template (Free phpLD template supported by Alive Web Directory)

    hi guys Chris, the owner of Alive Web Directory made this template available to you all. Not only this is a quality template, but this one only contains one link in the footer, once again it is all the courtesy of Alive Web Directory My request to all the blog owners is to spread the...
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    1$ permenant link on PR 3

    hi guys www.fixitall.us permenant PR 3 links... buy now
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    Gval Template (Free Release by Genuine Paid Directory) Take a look <<

    Gval Template (released on January 30, 2007) Author: Genuine Paid Directory (Syed Balkhi) phpLD version: 3.0.6 & 3.1.0 Live Demo: www.gval.idk.in Download: www.idk.in/templates.php More info: Logo.psd, and the fonts are included in the zip file. TOS: You must leave our...
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    looking for a free proxy host

    hmm if its so boring than why don't you find another thread to spam on .... No one really asked for your so called "constructive" critiques .... and don't need your NOTES here so keep them to yourself ... and use it for your own success (wish you good luck with that one <-- )
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    looking for a free proxy host

    i didn't ask for your advice ... and i said don't reply if you don't have anything constructive to say.... you are just keep coming here trying to increase your post count with your rubbish posts.... tht proxies take server load .... u got a server of urself ???? ppl who are in the...
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    looking for a free proxy host

    yeah obviously ... when there are people who are just hijacking thread ... and you just one more there throwing your comments in ... i specifically asked don't reply if you are not offering anything.... i dont know what language u speak.
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    looking for a free proxy host

    ok how about we stop hijacking my thread ... and keep my request ... if you have something to offer than talk otherwise ... Shut the **** up.... okay ... is it hard to do that ... if you can't offer anything and don't have something constructive to say it is good to stay quiet.... geeezzz