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    Been trying to contact you. How can I reach you? All your support systems are down.

    Been trying to contact you. How can I reach you? All your support systems are down.
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    500GB Bandwidth, 5GB Webspace, PHP, MySQL, Control Panel, Instant Activation

    Wow that is sad... I hope a admin looks into this. haha someone gave me neg rep for my post above. I bet it was the OP! And he already has bad RED rep right now.
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    Get paid for posting your images! Adult images welcome

    I might be interested though I'll have to look up some reviews.
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    Looking for free hosting service

    ah I didn't know. Thanks for the info.
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    Looking for free hosting service

    Are you sure? Do you allow adult content? I know the thread poster stated that too.
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    Name cheap Transfers at $6.98!

    Not bad. I transfered mines a few weeks ago for $4.99
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    Looking for free hosting service

    Ya.. looks like I need a new host too. I only got to use them for about 1-2 weeks and it's already closing down.. :( Service was great though, sad to see them go.
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    vBulletin License For Sale

    I am looking to sell my vBulletin license. The license is an vB3 license. I will provide free services included to install the board for you. And, I will also configure it for you. Willing to installs mods for you as well. If you optionally wish to renew the vB3 license for $50. You...
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    I get turkey in a few hours... yum! :D
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    How a girl tries to know if you really love her

    Classic stuff, loved it a lot. I told my g/f about it and it finally proved a point!
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    Need host Adult Forum

    Hi there. I decided to post here, since I've asked a few hosts here already. Seems like not many allow adult content. So I am looking for a host, that allows adult content. Basically I have a small adult forum, where we mostly have external links to the material eg. videos...
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    500GB Bandwidth, 5GB Webspace, PHP, MySQL, Control Panel, Instant Activation

    I don't get why you don't list, that you display popups on the users site?
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    Time to rebuild my host spread

    I am contacting the admins right now. After that, I will update you all on the story. All I can say is for now read my signature.
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    Looking for *free* reseller

    And you think I am okay with arguing with someone, who cheats other people. This is the FIRST time I have encountered this happen. It's possible someone else out there may have done this.. but I caught you red handed. I had my doubts earlier, as I couldn't see why a host would do such a...
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    [ABUSE] How do you handle it?

    Read your message recently. Will be contacting you about this. Thanks
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    Looking for *free* reseller

    The link I posted at your support forums, stating why you did it. Well you deleted that message and blocked my IP. How would I have a link to when this happened? Unless you want me to publicly post a detailed thread here and at DP about what you did... actually maybe I should now that your...
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    Upgrade to vBulletin 4.0?

    I hope this board doesnt move to 4.0... it's ugly and the system still has lots of bugs.
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    Review of Zoomcities *bad review*

    Read your first reply here. A VERY rude message to your customer. Thank god I'm not being hosted with you or I'd kill myself.
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    Looking for *free* reseller

    Are you serious? This is shocking the way your acting. You commit total fraud and then ask what you did wrong? You know exactly what you did, and just like it states in my thread. I really hope you end up doing the same thing to someone in your state. Then watch as the person files a...
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    Looking for *free* reseller

    False information? You know exactly WHAT you did. Don't pretend to act all innocent on the forums here. You may seem all polite and nice here, but I've seen your dirty side. Maybe you should tell everyone how you steal your clients data and sell it to make extra money. I suppose that's how...