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    what are you talking about? warez? This site is for a portfolio.
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    Hello, I am really a newbie to paid hosting but I would like to request the following: - 2 GB of space - 15-20 GB of monthly transfer - 10 FTP accounts - MySQL databases - PHP - Perl/CGI - e-mail accounts - sub-domains I am willing to spend from $175-$200/ year please reply...
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    Hello, I was thinking of starting my own server on my computer. I know I need to install programs such as Apache and a programming language like perl. But, that's all I know about it. Can someone tell me how to set up an Apache server with perl and tell me where I can get it? Thanks.
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    1.) I would like to know how you guys find all these hosts and post them. Can anyone give me tips on what to put in search engines and stuff? 2.) I am looking for a host that offers: - 50 megs of space - 2 GIG/monthly bandwidth - file size limit: at least 5 mb - FTP access I know...
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    do you want an account on host.sk?

    ok yea, i'll try you out my e-mail is: cucuzza2000@aol.com please send me the information there. thanks
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    Unlimited Webspace, Unlmited Transfer, CGI, PHP, Perl, FTP, Frontpage, all for free

    did anyone receive a confirmation e-mail or something like that form digitalkillers.cc? i'm waiting for one. anyone have the same problem, please tell
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    I don't understand...

    Hello, I just registered an account at www.invisionfree.com for a freely hosted invision message board. I activated my account and set my preferred options for the board, but I am having trouble trying to find where everyone posts messages. I get this error: You did not choose any forums to...
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    question about web hosting

    I understand that free servers don't allow warez and/or pornography for illegality and bandwidth issues, but can I'm confused as to what "spamming" is. Can someone explain me that concept? Oh, I was thinking of starting my own forum, similar to the design of this one. I heard various types...
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    6 free accounts, limited time only

    hey, i'll test your services. please e-mail me with instructions/info on what i have to do to get set up. my e-mail is: cucuzza2000@aol.com
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    yea. i am fixing the links now, but the ftp and http seem to be down for me... o well... we'll just wait it out... merry christmas to everyone!
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    hey, the service is great. i like what they have to offer. my http and ftp are working fine, except for one problem. wheni create my html pages on my desktop and use the links to images stored on my account at xtremesite.com, it shows up fine and perfectly. but, when i upload the html file to...
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    50 megs, no file size limits

    web1000? that's what i was using. but for some reason, my accounts start to run unbelievably slow! only in the morning, around 6 am, does it run its normal speed. any suggestions?
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    i don't understand. i sign up for the service, but i never get an e-mail telling me the information. is anyone else having this problem? if so, is there any way to correct it? please respond ASAP ticky21 used to be an awesome service way back when and i want to know if they still are
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    50 megs, no file size limits

    i don't mean to be a bitch but... NO ONE ANSWERED MY ORIGINAL QUESTION! hint: NO file size limits :)
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    www.xtremesite.com is back up

    :( does anyone know what's the problem with this site? it was working fine for me last night, but now, i can access only the ftp server. that seems to load very fast, but the download speed from the ftp is about 10 KB/s MAX. I can access the http from time to time. Most of the time I can't...
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    50 megs, no file size limits

    Hello, does anyone know where to find 50 megs of space with no file size upload limits? Also, I'd like to have pretty reasonable upstream amount. Thanks.